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This is a private web site for communicating information to the general public about the tv show "Then Came Bronson" and related items of interest. It is not affiliated with MGM, TNT or any other company or organization. Unfortunately, I have no contact with Michael Parks nor any agent or agency that represents him, nor can I pass on any communication to him. Nor can I provide autographed photos, etc. (Just wanted to get that out of the way, so you didn't get your hopes up. Now, on with the site.)

Check out the web site for the new CD from Michael Parks: .

TNT has aired the Then Came Bronson movie and episodes in the past. However, at the present time [April 11, 2000], TNT and TBS only have the rights to air the pilot movie, not the episode series. Maybe we can get TNT or TBS to show it again, or maybe some other network like Nick-At-Nite, PAX Network, A&E or (???) to air it. And if we can get somebody like Columbia House to sell it on video, they might get better copies of it (from master tapes with no commercials)! Contact TNT and TBS, and tell them you would love to see the 2-hour 1968 pilot movie again [yes, I know it didn't air until 1969, but they have the movie date as 1968 in their database - the year it was filmed].

Send an email to Columbia House, to suggest that they sell the show on video.
If you live in the southeastern U.S., another Turner channel, Turner South, is occasionally airing the movie and episodes. Check with your local cable provider to see if you get Turner South.

Here are addresses for TNT, TBS and Columbia House(for most browsers, just click on the hyperlinks):

[TBS discontinued their email, and now uses the following web page for people to contact them:]

Also, here is the regular mailing address of TNT Programming:

TNT Programming
1010 Techwood Drive
Atlanta, GA 30318

PLEASE write them a letter (even a short one), and mention that this is the 30th anniversary of TCB - a good reason to bring it back for at least one more showing! The person at TNT said that the company pays attention to significant viewer interest.

Send an e-mail to TV Land/Nick-At-Nite at, and ask them to start airing Then Came Bronson, since they are channels dedicated to true TV nostalgia.

It is possible that other non-Turner stations / cable channels have the rights to air the TCB pilot movie. Use on a regular basis to find out if any stations in your local area / cable provider are airing then came BRONSON. It is easy to use. Just enter your zipcode in the box beneath the words "basic listings" and click on the word "GO!", then click on your cable provider and click on the "Choose Lineup" button, and when the schedule comes up, click on "Search" (button on upper right) and type in Bronson in the Keyword box, and click "Search".

If you do find out that a station is running the movie or the episodes, PLEASE send me an email and I will contact other fans of TCB and give them the news. Some of them may live in the broadcast area or have a relative or friend who does and who will videotape it for them.

This link goes directly to the TV-Now schedule web page for Michael Parks:

Here is the TV-Now schedule for Bonnie Bedelia:

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