then came BRONSON
(stories from Michael Parks)

[The following is a true story from Michael Parks, forwarded by the good folks at Listen Recordings. It is Copyright 1999, Michael Parks, Listen Recordings, Inc. I'll try to post another one in the February newsletter. - jonpf]

Michael Parks was driving (in a car) down the coast in California when he spots a guy speeding along on a motorcycle. Michael says to his companion, "That guy will never make the turn, he's going too fast." Sure enough the cyclist goes off the road and ends up lying in a stream, unconscious. Michael hops out of his car and runs over to him, and the guy is really a mess, clothes torn, bleeding, really hurt. So all of a sudden he comes to, looks at Michael, and says, "It's you! Bronson!" Then he passes out again.
Fortunately a nurse was driving by at that time, so they get the guy into the nurse's car and she takes him to the hospital. She later reported that when the accident victim regained his sensibilities he claimed that, when he woke up and saw Michael Parks, he thought he had died and gone to motorcycle Heaven.

The above story Copyright 1999, Michael Parks, Listen Recordings, Inc.

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