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New TBS contact method (their old email address is being ignored):

Some of you have emailed me, asking about my graphics programs that I use for the images on the site. If you would like, I can email the three files of the program (about half a megabyte total size), called Imageview. It has a very good graphics converter and manipulator - including the ability to resize images, flip and rotate them, modify the colors and other aspects, and even run a slide show or create a contact sheet of thumbnail images, plus more.

A fan sent me an email advising that there's a 6-page article on Bud Ekins in Cycle World mag for September - on your newstands now! It has quite a bit of bio on him (but unfortunately for us fans, no mention of TCB), plus several photos of the man in action.
By the way, a while ago a fan asked if it was Bud Ekins in Animal House, doing the motorcycle ride up the stairs stunt. I asked him about it last month and he said he was in the movie (he drove the float), but didn't do the stairs scene. That was another stuntman.

As for the next newsletter, ...? I think I'll start announcing them through the emailing list that I've compiled. It would be easier than trying to meet a set deadline. If you're not sure whether you're on the list, send me an email to confirm it. Otherwise, check back to the intro page every now and then, and look for an announcement.


[Here's their site address, with email function:]

Hi Jon,
Great [July] newsletter! Boy, I wish I could figure out a way for Michael to see it.
Here's what I found about "From Dusk Till Dawn" that you might pass on to the email writer who was interested:

Michael has a lead role in "The Hangman's Daughter", the prequel to the aforementioned film.


See comments in the fan mail section, below. Also, here are some web sites on the campground at Limekiln, at Big Sur, and nearby areas, as mentioned in the July newsletter as a possible gathering place for TCB fans. Looks perfect! I think this may be the best bet for a gathering. See the fan mail, below, for more info from "TCBronson", who is planning it.
I don't think Michael Parks's schedule is set enough in advance to plan something around him. Maybe next year something can be arranged. It would be great to meet with him someday.
Keep checking back to the intro page of this site for convention/gathering updates. (There still might be something later in the fall for fans in the northeast - but don't get your hopes up too high.)


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[From Mark, a good friend of this web site:]
I was in a Harley shop that has been around since the 1940's, last Friday. I picked up my new 883 Sportster which had been on order for 17 months. I still have my 1994 1200, so, since I cannot afford both, one must go. Anyway while I was there I asked about the primary cover that we cannot identify on Bronson's bike in the latter episodes. It was not prior to 1970 because those covers, like the 69 had an unpolished finish. He looked up in his parts book back to 1972. 1972 and later had a polished finish. I even drew him a picture of the raised portion. (How can I describe it... a small rectangle with the top center slightly raised and the bottom center slightly lowered.) It is the same shape of some of the harley-davidson logos of that time period. Anyway he said Harley never made one like that for the stock Sportsters. He said it must have been custom-made, which I believe one of your website fans had already mentioned in a previous newsletter. This shop owner very literally grew up in the Harley shop and remembered TCB very well. In fact, when I mentioned Bronson, the first thing out of his mouth was that Bronson drove an XLH, not an XLCH, so apparently that was a topic that received a lot of debate back then.

[My reply to his email:]
Thanks for the research on the primary cover. Yes, I think it must be a custom thing that H-D added, to let people know it was a Harley, because the Sportster logo from the gas tank had been replaced by the "eye". (Maybe they thought some people wouldn't know a v-twin from a v-8, or even a can of V-8!) In fact, funny you should bring this up because last night I was thinking I should check through the photos of other older H-Ds to see if that logo appears somewhere else. Maybe you could print off one or both of the images of the "diamond" logo on the primary cover (they're on the site) and see if the H-D shop owner recognizes it. My guess is that H-D filed off the ribs of the primary cover, welded this logo on, and chromed it.

[The mystery is solved:]
After I sent that email to Mark, I got the idea that maybe it had been a gas tank logo or something, and cracked open my Sportster Parts Catalog for 1960-70, turned to that page, and there it was, a flattened diamond-shaped logo, "HARLEY-DAVIDSON" phrase in the center box - even the screw holes matched. The part is called "Name Plate", and has part #61771-66, and is listed as being used on the XLH for 1966 through 1970, for the "large tank". Someone, probably H-D, which had control of the Sportsters at that point in the filming, must have done the deed, perhaps in the way I had imagined.
Here are two scans from the catalog, plus some cropped scans of the primary cover from TCB (one from a cycle mag and the other taken off of a video):

One thing to keep in mind, if you are building a replica TCB Sportster, is that this primary cover only begins to appear in the fourth or fifth episode, and does not appear on the Sportsters used in the pilot movie and the first episodes. And it seems safe to conclude that it wasn't a different year Sportster, just a custom primary cover, although a 1970 Sportster with a boat-tail seat did appear in one episode (Mating Dance For Tender Grass), so they were available.

Here's another wave file with Harley sounds. (Thanks, Dan!) (For Internet Explorer, click on the arrow icon; for Netscape, right-click on the icon and select from the drop-down menu. For WebTV, I don't know; if you have WebTV, send me an email on how to do it.)


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Hi Jon,
Just got finished reading your latest newsletter, another great job! I thought it was funny to see the movie poster for TCB in Australia with the "not suitable for children". Anyway, thanks for putting pictures of my bike in again. I am still waiting for the sissy bar to be done, and then send it off to be chromed. Regarding the convention in York, sounds good to me. I can only get to one location and I prefer to go to the main one if there is such a thing, like Austin, or Big Sur or Jackson Hole. But if the majority goes to York then I will try to go there. I anticipate no problems going to one of them somewhere, some time.

I have been telling my 20 year old son about the TCB series that aired when I was in junior High, so I thought there may be a site dedicated to it and to my surprise I found your site. My conversation with him began when I saw Michael Parks on a rerun of Sea Quest on the Sci-Fi Channel, and I said to him, Oh there's Bronson, and of course his response was... WHO? So now I have an obigation to inform him of what a good TV series is all about!
With the help of this site that will make it much easier for me!
Feel free to add me to your mailing list.
Good Luck and Best Wishes

Hi, I'm Gregg and have an argument going with a co-worker as to the type of bike the Sportster turned into, when Bronson went over jumps. I believe it was a Harley Sprint, and they were available in 250 & 350 versions. The other guy says it was a Honda. Please help if you can (at 46, this is important to my pride). Never lose your dream.

[My reply:]
Thanks for your email! Always good to hear from someone interested in TCB.

Here's what I know, from talking with Bud Ekins (the stuntman for Parks and the motorcycle dealer and customizer) and other guys from the show. In the pilot movie, it was a CZ from Bud's own dealership (I think a 250 cc).

In the episodes, it was a Harley Sprint supplied by H-D in Milwaukee (also according to Bud and some other cycle guys who worked on TCB). Bud worked on not only the movie but also the 26 episodes, and he said there weren't any Hondas, Hodakas, Yamahas, Suzukis, Husquavarnas, Triumphs, or any other bikes used in place of Bronson's Sportster - just a CZ and some small Harleys (Sprint and maybe a Rapido - see below). This also is in keeping with the fact that H-D had an agreement to supply MGM with all the cycles and cycle maintenance for the entire show, and they would never have let a Honda replace one of their cherished Harleys - and they were in control, using their own carrying truck and people to ferry the cycles from scene to scene.

In the second episode, The Old Motorcycle Fiasco, the bike is clearly a Sprint (probably a 1968, judging by the head on the thumper - I owned a 1970 SS350).

You can find more on my site in the "newsletters" section (which is more like a "site update" and fan mail section), where there are photos of the movie hillclimb bike and stock CZs for comparison. In fact, here's a URL to that section: (click here)

There was an episode (called Mating Dance For Tender Grass) where an H-D Rapido was used, according to Bud (I had asked him because it looked like a Rapido to me), but he said it was only in a few shots because the rider got into an accident with it).

Hope this helps! Let me know how the dispute comes out or if I can answer any more questions.

Hi Jon,
The accompanying photo is me at age 16 during the summer of '71 on the dunes of Padre Island, Texas, watch cap in full effect. My brother and I saw the TCB pilot when it first aired, then were happy to learn there would be a TCB series. I saw every episode but one (The Runner), though my bro even caught that one. Then we watched the reruns. Watching TCB was the high point of each week. We would watch it in my brother's room on a small B&W portable in order to shut out any possible interference from the movements/noises in the rest of the house, and I remember a sort of hypnotized feeling I'd sometimes get as each episode played out. We watched it with a kind of reverence. During the closing credits, I felt I had actually spent time with Jim Bronson during that hour in a way I didn't with other characters in other TV shows I watched. I think that had a lot to do with Michael Park's thoughtful, measured acting style.

We were devastated to learn it was cancelled. It was one of the best things I'd ever seen on TV, and since then, I've never seen anything like it. We're still always coming up with quotes from the pilot and episodes in the middle of doing something because they naturally fit right in, like Bronson's comment to that guy who shows off by standing up on his cycle as they're both riding. Bronson: "Nothin' to prove."

TCB really had a huge effect on me (beyond my brother and I each having a probably unbroken succession of watch caps for the last 30 years). An email in a previous newsletter used a term like "special ordinariness" to describe a certain aspect of the show, and that's what I loved about it. "The Forest Primeval" is probably my favorite episode. That opening sequence, with no one around at the gas station... there's a feeling there, not really of loneliness, but more of peace. I always saw Bronson not so much as alienated from anything, but more someone who's searching for confirmation of his intuition that life isn't really very complicated, and that simplicity is best. Bronson: "I don't wanna change the world, and I don't wanna save it. I just wanna see my part of it clear, and that'll be the end of it."

I gotta tell you, I've been moved several times as I've gone through this site, by the passion that so many people exhibit in their describing TCB's effects on them. For these 30 years, my brother and I have discussed feeling like we were two of a few lonely keepers of the watch caps, meeting some people over the years who vaguely remember the show, but not a lot who care about it like we do. But here are pages and pages of folks to relate to.

As to a 30-year celebration, I'm down with it. Please put me on the mailing list. What about a multi-day tour of at least the California locations? We could have a "Tour de Bronson"! Out of all the suggestions people have made, I really like the group picture on the Bixby Creek Bridge.

Thank you, Jon, for all the work you've put into this site.
Hang in there,


[Follow-up from the above fan:]

Great to hear back from you. Yes, it'd be great to see my letter and picture in the newsletter. Anonymously is cool.

I'm in ___, but I'd manage to make it to wherever we'd all decide to meet. The York, PA, location, in conjunction with the Harley-Davidson open house September 23-25, would be great for me. I searched and found this page with some pictures of the inside of the York factory:

I'd also like to put in my vote for some kind of "campground" event, as was mentioned in the July Newsletter's Convention Stuff section. Quoting from that page, "Getting together with different people and faces and hearing their stories about how TCB affected them in some way is what we're after." I agree. A meeting in a natural setting, trees overhead, campfires going, and eggs... we'll be eatin' 'em! It would be very true to my feeling of the spirit of TCB.

Hang in there,

i'm a die hard TCB disciple from way back. i watched each and every episode one of the original broadcasts of the original series, and actually remember some of them very distinctly! i was 13 when the show premiered. it is a shame that its simple but moving intelligence is not considered attractive fare by todays programmers. i have been searching for bronson reruns for the last 25 years without luck.
also, pls add me to your mailing list.
the spirit lives,

Hi! My mom is in love with tcb. She checks the tv listings every week only to be disappointed. Do you have a copy of the movie? Do you know how I can get one? Please help my mom, she is almost obsessed.

Greetings brother,
As a Bronson fan, and a Sportster owner, I was very happy to find your web site. Please do add me to your TCB mailing list.
It's great to see that there are so many people that share my interests in Jim Bronson and his cool bike and if anyone knows where the pilot movie or any episodes can be obtained, I'd sure like to know. I am customizing my '97 Sporty for as close of a match as possible but photos seem to be hard to come by.
Hang in there,

[From a fan who I noticed in a newsgroup posting:]

Hi Jon,
Yes, I'm in Australia now, but back in 1961-72 I was living in British Columbia, Canada. And that's where I picked up TCB as the TV series. I was pretty well hooked from the word go! I'm not sure if I saw the pilot movie at that time, possibly as a movie-length first episode on TV. There was one line, in one show, that sticks in my mind - someone offered him a 10% share in a business - and he replied "10% of nothing is nothing!"

I'm not sure what the Australian movie/TV release was about, not being here at the time. I have a vague recollection that I discussed TCB with someone here when I returned in 1972, or maybe it was later than that. As I said in my post, TCB turned me on to wanting a bike back then; the yearning has surfaced a couple of times since, and this time I've actually gone and done it!

I actually have a multi-purpose (road/trail) Honda 250cc for starters (its only been 2 weeks), but I plan to go up to a tourer style bike, with more power, when I'm a little more experienced.

Its after midnight here, so Cheers for now

I'd like to subscribe to the TCB mailing list.

I also have a question...have any of Michael Parks early albums been released on CD? Specifically "Closing The Gap" and "Long Lonesome Highway".

We had those LPs way back when, and I played the heck out of them. I have no idea what happened to them and would love to hear them again...hoping they're out on CD.


[My reply:] The early albums were never released on CD, but the record company who put out Parks's new CD are trying to get the rights to them. You can contact them at and let them know of your interest.

[From a TCB fan who was heading for Big Sur recently, and offered to check for TCB locations:]

I have not forgotten you. I came back to a new job and my head is still spinning. The trip was great! I have photos and will send them to you as soon as I can.


[A page from his web site:]

[From a TCB fan - thanks for your help on this:]

I have attempted to e-mail TBS Superstation (about replaying TCB) with the internet address in the newsletter but always get a message saying that it longer works. I have found the following internet address that gets you to an area where you can supposedly "Talk to TBS (Personally)" (send an e-mail). It might be worth a try.

Funny, I was just talking to someone the other day about the show. I have not seen it since its original airing.
Put me on the list!!!

Out of the blue, I did a search for "Then Came Bronson," and came to your web site. Wow. I'm glad it's there. I don't think I saw TCB in first runs, but I still remember seeing them in the 70s on reruns -- I was just in my teens then, but I always thought it was the coolest. I also remember the movie, "Wild Seed." I saw it once, and have never seen it run again -- but I remember it well. I think the poster on the web site over-dramatizes the movie plot (image that!).

Is there a way to get videos of any TCB or the "Wild Seed" movie? Or only if someone taped them? (By the way, I did e-mail TNT to request TCB reruns.) You know, I'm not a motorcycle enthusiast or anything like that -- but it's the whole spirit of TCB that I like. That freedom to head out for anywhere, somewhere. I did that myself in my early 20s -- by car -- spending a few months traveling across the U.S. It was one of the best things I ever did! I lived out West for awhile, and whenever I went out into the desert or on long Interstate road trips, I always thought about TCB. "Route 66" captured a little of that spirit, too. There is NOTHING like sailing out across the desert on a moonlit night in a convertible (or on a motorcycle, though I haven't done that)!

Here's to Jim Bronson!

G'day Jon!
Outlaw Machine by Brock Yates (check it out on Amazon) talks about TCB on page 121. It mentions that Easy Rider and TCB were powerful engines of influence in increasing mass awareness of motorcycles.

Incidently, a friend of mine got himself a new toy at one of the HD/Buell boteeks which is G.I. Joe on Harley WLA currently selling for $59.99 on Etoys ... made by Hasbro.

Doesn't take much imagination to change G.I. Joe to Bronson and the WLA into an Ironhead so perhaps if TCB fans pestered Hasbro they might consider it.

Gotta scram!

[From a friend of MP:]

I talked with Jimmy (Mike's son), and Jimmy has a new movie that he made with Sam Elliot, called "I know your name". So be looking for it!

[Here's the International Movie Data Base on James Parks:],+James

[From a TCB fan and friend:]

Turn on almost any show today and you will see violence, hatred, sex, and drugs, real-life sure. It is unfortunate TCB offered none of this, unfortunate because if it had, TCB would probably still be on today. By today's standards TBC would be considered a boring show, because it takes the above element to sell soap. A guy riding around the country on a motorcycle interacting with people doesn't sell anymore. If only Bronson had gotten into more fights, carried a gun, drove a fast car and had a different affair each week. On the other hand if had been a show with that element I wouldn't be missing it like I do. Bronson sold life, not soap! Wake up Ted [Turner]!

Just a note to let you know how nice it is that TCB is alive and kicking on your site. I was a big fan of the show when it aired. I was a 17-year-old kid and my parents wouldn't let me have a cycle, but man did I devour and love that show. Freedom, reinvention of the self, the road as a metaphor for a spiritual was all there.

Call it a mid-life crisis (others do), but I finally bought a cycle last year. I can't do the Bronson thing (kids, wife, job...the whole guy-at-the-stop-light package), but I am taking short trips on it. (As an ex-biker yourself, you might agree with me that the romance of cycles can be overwhelmed by the concentration needed to just stay alive on them.)

Thanks again, and (can't help myself)...hang in there.

Hi Jon,
I too was and still am a great fan of the series "Then Came Bronson". I believe that series brought me to purchase an old broken down 1959 Sportster back in 1973. It was my intention back then to get it running and do the "Bronson" thing. Circumstances kept me from completing that goal of riding the hiways in those years. I married in 1976 and the bike was just put away until two years ago. I had a feeling to get it running. Today I can tell you it is. In fact it's a classic. I found though the help of H-D and the engine number, it was one of 42 built in that year. Needless to say I had to restore it as close as I could. It's about 95% original. I'm sending you a couple of pictures of it as it looks today. I also have a web page dedicated to it and my brother.

I also own the original 33 of the "Long Lonesome Highway" by Michael Parks. It's in great shape too.

Thanks for bringing back some great memories. I hope they do release some of the old series on TV or tape. I would be great to see them again.

Click here Click here

Stumbled onto your page while surfin' old Harley stuff. And I thought I was the only one back 30 years ago who wanted to "be" Bronson...I already owned a '63 Sportster, but I did have to go out and buy a watch cap.
"...Hang in there".

Can you please tell me who sang the theme song? Long Lonesome Highway..I may have overlooked it on this site, but I would appreciate it......

[Bobby Darrin? Glen Yarborough? Hmmmmmm. ;^)]

Hi there,
What a great site, just full of all the good stuff! I have been an "everything Harley Davidson" and "everything Then Came Bronson guy" way before it was ever even in the vicinity of being considered popular (was named Harley after my dad's bikes). Bronson and Knievel were the best of hero's when I was in hi school......what a pair! Kids just don't have hero's like that anymore. Here is a scan of a ticket I bought in hopes of owning Bronson's bike [the school raffle mentioned in a previous newsletter]. Seems that I paid big money for it back then, something like 3 or 5 dollars! All these years, it still hangs on my bulletin board and thought you might want to add it to your site. If I get the notion, may send you some other "stuff" if I can find where I buried it!
Click here

I have spent the last 30 years thinking that I was the only person to know most of the lyrics to the theme song and who Michael and Bonnie are. I found out about this site today and am totally floored!!!!
Please put me on the TCB mailing list

Your info on TCB was very informative. I think maybe that show had something to do with me getting into motorcycles also. I have had several and I am currently riding a mostly stock 97 Dyna Wide Glide (SE pipes, SE breather kit, DynaJet Kit, HD tall sissy bar, CCI Highway bars, HD Grips, Kuryikyn pegs, and leather grip covers - the picture is before some of the mods).
Do you remember another TV show with a big star riding a Harley?
Nichols, aka James Garner. He was a turn of the century sheriff at the end of the wild west days. It ran from Sep 71 to Mar 72. He rode something like a 1912 Harley. It was funny because everyone would take off on horseback and he'd be left behind going thru the rountine of starting the bike. But, eventually he'd catch'em.
Thanks again for your info

Click here

[From the owner of a web page that mentioned TCB:]

You must have visited the "cycles" page and read my Buell S2 Summer story. I make an analogy to TCB in the story. Yes, I'm a fan. My oldest brother worked at HD when the movie and series came out. I've always held an affinity for the series, and eventually worked for HD myself. HD has been a customer of Eksam'. We're probably going to add a link to your site in the near future and include an interesting little story about TCB on the cycles page. I'll let you know when it is updated.

I have such fond memories of TCB. I also had 2 albums of Michael Parks that I wish I still had. I just had the urge to do an online search of the television show title and came across this page. It's a great page and now I realize I'm not alone in wanting to get the old reruns of the show back on the air.
Thanks for a great page.

You're kidding! There are actually people out there who enjoyed that show as much as I did?! I thought I was the only one. I keep looking for videos or reruns of the show, but haven't had any luck. I've got the two albums that Michael Parks made, the first of which has him astride the Harley. Now, if only I could get ahold of some videos of the show, I would be happy.

Thank you for all of us fans of Michael Parks down here in sunny Florida! I have the old 45 of Michael singing Lonesome Highway but never thought there were more fans of the show. He had that brooding James Dean thing down pat. I think if you charged for a newsletter and got autographed pictures and Parks to have some input, it could take off. I don't know one actor who doesn't want more exposure or a career boost than this sort of thing could give him. My cousin is actor Paul Provenza ( Northern Exposure, ShowTime new series Beggars and Chooses, and is a great stand-up comedian), and HE is also a fan!
I would be happy to help organize a local fan club for the Florida region if needed.
I also own a Sportster and having a connection with Harley would be a good launching pad. I tossed the idea to a local Harley shop that has three branches in Florida and they loved it! I think you should sell t-shirts online as a start. You'll love this, I own a Hair Salon and we have a web page and sell stuff online and it is working out very well for us. Have you ever thought about having a fundraiser or something. Wasn't Bronson a helpful type of guy? We hold hair-cut a-thons for EVERYBODY! Save the Manatees, cancer, orphan children. We have gotten support from people like Jimmy Buffett and others. I would love to help if you need any ideas on how to make your web page come alive.
Keep up the good work.
Jon'Ric [My reply:]

Thanks, Jon'Ric! I'll let you know if any email comes in for a Florida area fan club.

I have never forgotten seeing TCB on tv. As a 15 year old, recently arrived in Australia from England and being somewhat lost in a new country with no friends, I spent most of my time daydreaming about MP and the show. He was soooooo cool. One of the reasons I loved the show was the music and his voice, I have tried many times over the years to find one of his albums with no luck so, since we got the Internet recently, I thought I would have another try. I was overjoyed to finally see a CD for sale but somewhat devastated to see it was only available in the US, I don't know if you can, but if you ever get any information that any of his albums/CD are available to those of us down under in Australia I would really appreciate knowing about it. It is great that people still remember the show, no one that I know has a clue what I'm talking about.

[The CDs are now available for "down under" folks, too! Send them an email and ask about the details.]

I was wondering if you have an .avi-type file of the opening scene of the weekly tv series where he is at a red light in some town and the guy in the station wagon is talking to him about where he is headed. The neatest comment is when the guy in the wagon say "...I wish I was you". I grew up with that show and was determined to never be the guy in the station wagon. I think I succeeded, if you look at my web page:



[My reply:]

Hi! I know a guy who was making an avi file of that scene, and I just sent him an email asking if it is ready. I'll let you know. Really nice web site you have. Good to see you keeping the Bronson flame alive - those photos of Jack's ride really get me aching to do it all again.
Maybe someday I'll be able to get back on the saddle.
Keep in touch. And "hang in there."

[Here's the site of a .mov file of the opening, which "Zaphod" agreed to host for me. It is a MOVie file of about 2.75 meg size, and was created by another TCB fan, Phil of SF - many thanks, Phil!!! I also have an .avi file, of about the same size, which I might make available later - in case your browser or operating system can't view it in MOV format.]


[More from the above fan:]

Hi Jon,
I just now got to read most of the July news letter and a lot of the thoughts people have. I had no idea the show left an impression on so many people like it did me. I'm 50 going on 51 and seems like most of my riding friends are in the 30-35 years range and they have never seen the shows or even know who Bronson is/was. I try to explain the opening scene, the conversation and his remark of "Well, hang in there". Thanks for the reply and I hope I can at least get an avi type file. These poor deprived 30-somethings just don't know what they have lost.
I was in a "comma" from 86-94 when I got back to motorcycles. Looking back that was a terrible time in my life, I was the man in the station wagon. Now I ride about 25K-30K miles per year and have a two year old car with less the 10K miles on it. Hope you can get back to riding soon.
Yeah, that Jack's ride was really neat. As you can tell I'm into a little faster bikes that cruisers but lately I'm been thinking I need to add one to my collection and then I found your site just by entering Then Came Bronson in Wow, memories, good ones. If I get the cruiser I think I'll just keep a sleeping bag and camping gear on it all the time, ride around various towns and see how many chances I get to say:
"Well, hang in there"

For years I've been talking about my favorite TV show ever. Guess what? Then Came Bronson!! I can't believe that after all these years I have rediscovered it on the "internet".
Are there any videos out? Series or movies on Bronson? It would be great to see the show again. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Click here Click here


[Thanks for the pix, Dan. You'll have to email me and tell me what Fonda is like, if you got a chance to talk with him. Is that a Captain America replica bike he's on? - jonpf]

You've made my day. I thought, until just now, that I was the only person left in the world who was so deeply influenced by a TV show, or who remembered TCB. As a 16-year-old recovering from her first major heartbreak, TCB may have saved my life because it gave me new dreams. I'm going to list this website as one of my "favorite places." Thanks for being here and keeping it all real.

Any word on the original model being re-issued? I built one back in '71 have been interested ever since. I am in process of restoring a 1973 XLCH......maybe a red tank with an eye would be worth considering? I also have 3 Franklin mint Harleys but they are license through Harley to build them. Franklin mint could get sued if they build a Bronson Sportster with out permission. I wonder who owns the rights to the bike or if it could even be considered a copyright design?? Who knows but if one is offered...I'll be in line!

[My reply:]
No news yet, and in fact I can't get ERTL to reply to my emails. I can't even find out if they still own the rights to it. It was originally made by MPC, which was absorbed by AMT, which was bought by ERTL. That's as far as I can trace it so far. You can sent ERTL an email from my site, and ask them if they will release it.
If you are interested in a lifesize decal (magnetic or adhesive) for your gas tank (or even your refridge or car door), check out this site: Eye decal

Hi Jon: It blew me away to discover, quite by accident, that there are still fans around who fondly remember the movie and series. A convention?! Count me in! Being new to the site, I've probably missed some of the specifics but get the impression you're having organizational problems. Maybe plan for next year and solicit imput from people around the country re: venue and time.
A little personal background: When I first saw the movie I was at a stage in my life with very little direction. After watching the movie I knew I had to go "find myself" - so I went out the next day and bought a Triumph Tiger with my college money and took off for a year long exploration of Canada. Greatest experience of my life and I never regretted the decision. Heard any similar stories?
Keep in touch re: Convention - and let me know if there's anyway I can help.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Its Jonric from Florida again, stating that the hell with red tape try and put the damn thing on anyway!! You never know till you try. I bet you could get lots of help if you asked others to pitch in their expertise in whatever field they are in. At least try to get something started.
I know we here in Florida have talked about it to ourselves with other Harley people and there are a lot of free spirited people that are officially with Harley and Bronson but for this will be acting unofficially. I know we have talked about T-shirts to get the ball rolling and printed beermugs, I.D.s, (eye) etc.
Lets go before summer is over, (at least for most of you!!)

[My reply:]
Hi, Jon'Ric!
I don't know about the convention for this year, much as I'd like to see it happen. I put two postings on the site in June, asking what people wanted in a convention, and another request in the July newsletter and got a total of only 4 or 5 responses so far.
But any suggestions you can make, especially what you and your TCB friends want and don't want in a convention, and where you would like it to be, will be seriously entertained. I haven't given up completely.

Thanks for the info.........yes I sure will E-mail the networks and Columbia House.....and offer my input/request for release of these episodes. I got a kick out of your website.........I was 15 when TCB came out and it brought back some great memories.....I used to rush home from my job pumping gas at the Gulf station to watch Bronson on Wednesday nites......
Thanks again.

[From TCBronson, who is trying to arrange a gathering in Big Sur:]

I'm still working at setting up my new computer, new E-mail address,etc. I have a local guy here in the San Francisco bay area that might want to get together for a ride to the Big Sur.
Have one other contact from Los Angeles, but he can't ride till next year. I picked up a flat bed scanner last night, and am trying to get it to send a great picture of a view in Big Sur from a little town there called Lucia. It was taken from the front walkway of a group of cabins that sit atop a hill looking down the coastline to the South. It is breathtaking. Let me know if you are capable of receiving a picture through the E-mail that is around 1.5 megabytes. As soon as I hear from you, and can figure out how to do it, I will send it your way. This would be the place for reunion people to stay if they are not into camping out. Anyone camping out would be down the road a short distance at a great campground called Lime Kiln. It allows a very "Bronson" experience of camping almost at the beach, with the surf crashing in on a small cove that is very similar in appearance to the beach where Bronson sees Temple Brooks for the first time. I hate to admit at this time that I cannot remember the name of that beach, but I can ride to it with my eyes closed! As soon as I hear from more people, I will set in concrete a date for the Big Sur reunion ride.

[New email address; it was]

I remember watching the series in 68-69-70, and I loved it. In fact I bought a 71 Sportster and toured western Canada for a summer. I envied old Bronson when I was a kid; even wore a black toque. I've got about 24 episodes recorded on beta; the machine still works and I watch Bronson on my days off, and for a while I'm a kid again. I can really relate to the episode with Keenan Wynn, and the Rudge Ulster mc.
Bronson actually helped shape my late teen years. Call me any time you want to talk about Bronson. Wouldn't it be great if we could talk to him, Michael Parks, and get his reactions about the series?

Saw your interest in classic and antique motorcycles. Thought you might like to see the pictures at:

(Pictures of classic bikes taken at a museum show in Abilene, Texas.)

I have repeatedly asked for "then came Bronson" to be re-aired in my area. Can not understand why Michael Parks has not been a renowned actor. Put him against the pitiful actors of today and it is totally a mystery.

I can vividly remember "...and then came Bronson". Thank you very much for having a web page dedicated to this TV series. He, Bronson, was a hero to me. He was intelligent, pensive, laconic, wise, and daring; yet still rough around the edges. What every nine year old wanted to grow to be!
Thank you once again!
Good luck and Godspeed,

[For a moment, I thought I was famous:]

Please send me a photo with your signature because I am your fan from Chile, South America.
I saw all your films and series on tv, in the 70's.

[Sorry, but I'm just a humble web page coder as well as a TCB fan, like you. And Michael and I aren't on speaking terms. ;^)]


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Screen Stars March 1970 "Michael Parks: Forced to hide the truth about himself-- or ruin his career!"
3 B&W photos, main page plus 3 almost full page columns of text.

Photoplay January 1970 "Michael Parks: My Wife Killed Herself"
This is one of the major articles in this issue, with a full page color head photo of MP with six half page columns of text.

[14 Jul 1999, from Jack:]
I have a copy of "Success Unlimited" with an article about Michael Parks in it. Would you like a photo copy of it????

[I replied:]
Thanks for writing! Can you give me the details on the mag (month & year, issue #), and what it consists of in terms of text and photos? And, with all of Parks's troubles in his life and career, are you sure you're not just pulling my leg?! (It would be a nicely subtle joke, if it is.)

[His reply:]
Jon, re. the success unlimited, it is vol.17, no.1, Jan. 1970. The article tells about his early life of poverty, and rise to stardom.

[I guess he's not kidding!]


The other day a Michael Parks fan sent me an excellent-quality video with the two Channing episodes that starred Michael Parks. It is good stuff! The first episode, An Obelisk For Benny, also stars Peter Fonda of Easy Rider fame! (Sort of a Captain America & Jim Bronson - the early years.) Parks's character, Benny Ditzen, rides around campus on a Triumph, and there's one scene where he has Fonda's wheelchair attached to the motorcycle like a side car (Fonda's character is a polio victim).
The second episode, Another Kind Of Music, is also excellent. Parks actually looks like he's really playing that flugelhorn ("It's not a trumpet, Mama!") - and maybe he is, with all that talent.

Send me an email if you are interested.


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[I got the following email regarding a couple photos from a TCB episode, The 99-Mile Circle, that I put on the site:]
Rest01.jpg looks like "4 corners" in Woodside Ca., now a popular spot for all sportbike enthusiasts to congregate on weekends; take woodside road from hwy 280 in redwood city to skyline blvd., and you're there; if you continue straight you end up on hwy. 1 north of santa cruz.

[My reply:]
Thanks for the tip! I have another fan headed up that way soon and I'll ask him to check it out.
I just did some checking in the internet, however, and found no restaurant named 4 Corners, but there were four on Skyline Blvd: Mountain House Restaurant, Boulevard Bar & Grill, Alice's Restaurant, and Bella Vista Restaurant.

[Reply to my email:]
Subject: Re: 4 Corners in Woodside
The place in the picture is directly across the road from Alice's Restaurant; it has a store, deli, etc., now. I think this is the place.
Bill in Seattle

[I did some checking through the internet but could find no place by the name of 4 Corners/Four Corners. So I called Alice's Restaurant and the kindly lady told me that the building was actually called Skywood Trading Post, a long building with several stores in it, including a bar. So I typed that into my internet search engine and came up with:
Skywood Trading Post
(650) 851-0914
17285 Skyline Blvd, Woodside, CA 94062

I gave them a call and learned that it was the only "long" building on Skyline Boulevard, and that the bar at one end was called the Boulevard Bar & Grill
Boulevard Bar & Grill
(650) 851-7444
17285 Skyline Blvd, Woodside, CA 94062

So if any of you are up that way, take a look and see if it is the same. It seems too far north, being on the SF peninsula (#1 in black circle, on map below), but who knows. Ironically, it is near the intersection of La Honda Road.


Well, now I'm not so sure. (I'm writing this as I surf the 'net.) Here's the web page for Boulevard Bar And Grill, with images:

It just doesn't seem to match the images from the episode, both the exterior (below) and the bar (not yet published here):


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Have you sent emails to TNT, TBS and Columbia House (from my site)? If we can get TNT/TBS to show it again, we can all see it again. And if we can get somebody like Columbia House to sell it on video, they might get better copies of it (from master tapes, and no commercials)! Anyway, if you haven't already sent emails to TNT, TBS and Columbia House, here are their addresses (for most browsers, just click on them):

Here are the web address and email/feedback page address for ERTL Toys, which owned the rights to the Bronson Motorcycle plastic model. (Even if ERTL has sold the right to the model, they might get it back if enough people show interest in it!)

(Write to them and tell them you would buy at least one if they released it, and you would tell your Then Came Bronson fan friends about it.)

To email me, click here!

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