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About 1970, having read somewhere that "Bronson Red" paint was available from Harley-Davidson, I went to an H-D dealer north of Boston, MA, and asked about it. I was shown a can of the paint (so I know it existed), but, unfortunately, I didn't purchase it. Now I am searching for more information on it, including even an old can of it. I anyone can help, please email me.

(The following is a reply, received Jan. 8, 1998, to an email I sent:)
Some time between 1936 and 1980, DuPont made a Harley paint formula called Bronson Red. The color is not listed under any year Harley in the Data Book and is not listed as a Harley paint color, but is listed as a DuPont formula for Harley Davidson paints 1936-1980. The only numbers I have for it are the Baking Enamel # which is B797-BN-1 and the Air Dry Enamel # which is 99-BN-163. It is possible that DuPont mixed the paint for Harley but that Harley never used it on one of their bikes.

I hope this information is helpful, and please contact us again if we can be of any help.
Julie K. Balassa
Styr Crazy, Inc.
(Printed with the permission of the above sender.)

Note from jonpf: see the cycles page (text of MGM press release) for a bit of info confirming the "Bronson Red" paint color on the motorcycles!

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