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One heck of a nice guy, and a fan of TCB and this site, sent me his copy of the sheet music to Long Lonesome Highway! Thank you! There's a scan of the cover page in the music section of this newsletter.

Another fan sent me a copy of the Guggenheim Museum booklet on the "Art of the Motorcycle" exhibit (a couple scans from it, below), and another sent me an email wanting to know if I needed copies of Michael Parks' records. Still others sent me scans of magazine covers, photos, info on TCB scene locations, Bronson's motorcycle, etc. I am amazed by the generosity of so many fans of this show. I wonder if it was at least partly "Bronson's" generosity that attracted so many of us to the show. Thank you, all!

Rented a couple of movies recently: Lovers and Other Strangers (1970), with Bonnie Bedelia. She's a cutie, though her role in the movie isn't extensive, and it doesn't have the fire, sensitivity and depth that "Temple Brooks" had in TCB. Saw Storyville (1992), with Michael Parks. Although his role is vital to the movie, his character stays in the background for much of it. The ending is pretty violent, so don't rent it expecting "Really? Well, hang in there."

I'm looking to buy a 100% cotton navy blue watch cap (I'm allergic to wool and acrylic), like Bronson's. The Army-Navy Surplus store where I bought one years ago has gone out of business. Send me an email if you find a source for them.

After doing some testing on this web site, I discovered that it wasn't Y2K compliant. At midnight, January 1, 2000, all images of Jim Bronson turn into Erik Estrada's character on CHiPs. Hopefully I can get it upgraded by then.

Here's a crazy idea (maybe): how about a TCB museum? Items of memorabilia from the show, along with related tie-ins (ie, H-D's "Bronson Sportster" poster and handlebar tag, etc). Even a theater to show the movie and episodes. Campground and coffee shop ("Eggs? I'm eatin' 'em!").


[Here's their site address, with email function:]


To email me, click here!

Here's a scan of the sheet music to Long Lonesome Highway (click on the thumbnail image):
Click here

[The fan who sent it to me wrote:]
"I took piano lessons as a child and Bronson was on tv during that period, so my parents were only too happy to get me the music I wanted since I was in the habit of not practicing very much. Any how, I had them order LONG LONESOME HIGHWAY, the sheet music, and I had long since forgotten about it until I saw an add on the 'net for tv memorabila and somone wanted the paperbacks and it occurred to me that I used to have the sheet music to it. Well, my father recently cleaned out his basement and gave me back a stack of music from many years ago and there it was in prisine condition. The cover to the music is not in color but is sort of brown and white, not black and white. There is MP's face on the cover, the photo is very close to the same, if not the same, as his picture on the CLOSING THE GAP album."

Rhino's email address! Send them an email and ask them to consider releasing Michael Parks' albums:


Click here


Click here


To email me, click here!

I really enjoyed your [last] newsletter. To answer your question [on identifying the year of Bronson's Sportster] at least partly: The original bike used was a 1969 XLH Sportster. This is a bike that came with electric start only. Harley also offered an XLCH Sportster, which was kickstart only. The XLH model has a distributor located below the air breather and an oil tank located on the side of the bike above the electric starter. The XLCH did not have a distributor, but instead had a magneto located in the same place, but the magneto is larger and square shaped. It's oil tank was located under the seat where the battery would have been had it been an electric start. The magneto was manually advanced or retarded by the driver by using the twist grip on the left side handlebar.
Someone driving an XLCH from 1969 and earlier went down the road turning both grips! Now then, the reason the photo from a 1969 XLCH left side engine cover doesn't match Bronson's is because the left side covers were very different between the XLH (Bronson's) and the XLCH (not Bronson's), so you can't identify the year by looking at any XLCH models. Now, the right sides were much more similar. The XLH that Bronson rode had the kickstarter added to make it look like an XLCH but the external oil tank, the distributor, and the battery and starter motor prove that it was an XLH. I had a 1969 XLH and neither of the engine sides were polished, but I noticed in some of the later episodes, at least, the left side was polished, indicating a different model year. Now, what year that was I can only assume was a 1970 XLH. I wouldn't think the studio would have gotten an older Harley as a spare, and if they did it, it couldn't have been too much older because the first electric start Sportster was in 1967. Harley-Davidson has traditionally started manufacturing the new model year of bikes the first day after the 4th of July, so maybe they got a new one during the filming season.

Jon- Here are two pics of me and my 1971 Sportster. Note, one is pre-cobra seat and then the one with cobra seat and sissy bar. Note also, that I think this was the last year for the 900 cc motor and the right sided shifter (which I never did really like or get used to). Feel free to post them if you'd like.


[To save space on my limited-space web site, I posted the close-up only. My humble apologies, Bob - jonpf]

Buffalo Harley-Davidson Museum (& dealership), Buffalo, NY:

They've got the Bronson Sportster poster in the museum! So pay them a visit when you're in Buffalo!

Chad's Tribute To Italian Harleys:

Eric Spurgeon's Aermacchi H-D page (Advisement: includes photos of bikini-clad women):

Check out this site for Sportster photos:

and click on the "Sportster" link in the frame on the left.

The Harley-Davidson Data Book, by Rick Conner, published by Motorbooks International, lists the 1969 XLH Sportster paints as Black (with white stripe) and "Jet Fire Orange" with white stripe. I wonder if this "Jet Fire Orange" is the original "Bronson Red" color. - jonpf


To email me, click here!


To email me, click here!

(Anonymous, unless requested otherwise. I put these on because so many people asked me to make a fan web page so they could tell their "Bronson" stories. Also, some emails are in other sections of this newsletter, where appropriate.)

Just found your site. It's a true honor to MP and TCB. Just think of it, all of those responding to your site seeking some bit of info, like myself, about a show that ran only one season and ended 28 years ago! I, like several of the others, saw the show when it originally aired. I saw the pilot, then never missed an episode - not one! I was 16 and was the only kid in my high school who rode a motorcycle. I had a 650 BSA. I'd ride out to Death Valley (in the winter) and cruise all day. No one else in school felt so free or so cool! I was crushed when TCB was canceled. For some time now I've been looking for any info on where to get copies of the show on tape, without success. Then I found your site. It really is funny: All of us sending e-mail to a site dedicated to MP/TCB, the whole time thinking that each of us was the only one who remembered or cared! It seems as though we are legion! I was also thrilled to find, thru your site, that much of the film was shot near where I now live, in Sacramento. I'm going to take my HD (1997 FXD) and cruise down the delta to visit some of those spots. I'll bet just knowing what that ride is all about will make that ride totally cool! Feel free to print this. I'm sending off a note to TNT and Turner also.

Hang In There

[Thanks for the email! You'll find more on the TCB scene locations in this newsletter. Time to do some more cruising? - jonpf]

You have a great page. I love Big T Water by Mr. Parks. Something in that voice. Does he have an email address so that I can tell him how wonderful he is?

[Hi! Thanks for the email. MP sure has alot of very devoted fans!
Sorry, I don't have a current email address for him. - jonpf]

I'm a NYC TCB enthusiast, and went to the Guggenheim Museum Motorcycle Show three times, once to see Dennis Hopper in person talk about the making of "Easy Rider." There were some clips from the movie, and Dennis went on about his feuds with Peter Fonda and the movie producers. I didn't remember, but he won "Best Director" at Cannes in '69 for ER. He said he's still buds with Jack Nicolson, who supported Dennis when the producers wanted to kick him out. Who knows the real story? Dennis looked good, had a wife who looks 25, and was understandably vague about being high most of the time during filming. Anyway, he did say that Peter Fonda was the real biker, and that Peter set up both "Captain America" and Dennis' bike for the movie. They made 4 bikes for the movie,and Dennis said that one was burned for the movie finale and the others were stolen. Only in America.

The Guggenheim show was really awesome: it had more than 100 bikes, from the very first in the late 19th Century, to a brand new Agusta (Italian) hi-tech crotch rocket. A WWII Navy Harley, a replica of the Easy Rider "Captain America" chopper, Triumphs, Nortons, BMWs, classic Jap bikes. A great combo. They did a wonderful job of showing the progression of bike design and technology: the bikes were in chrono order, and you could see how they evolved.

The first Sportster was there, and an example of one of the original H-D "choppers" from the late '40's, complete with WWII bomber graphics on the tank.

I'm a TCB fan from Day 1, altho I got my first bike in '65 ( a Honda 305 Scrambler) and have been riding all over North America ever since. I've had lots of bikes, but my first Harley was a red '87 883 Sportster, and now I ride a '96 Heritage Softail.

Your TCB page, and the discovery of so many TCB fans out there, is a joy. This is an example of the positive power of the internet, unimagined by me just a few months ago. Keep up the good work.

[Here's a couple scans from the Guggenheim booklet that he sent me:]

Click here

[What's especially interesting to me is that the copy of TCB that they showed was in black & white, not color! How many versions of the movie are there?! - jonpf]

I am a big fan of Then Came Bronson but I never see it on TV anymore. The pilot is way cool.

[Another fan sent along a scan of a photo from an article on Then Came Bronson in Cycle World magazine. Click on the thumbnail image:]

Click here

... then came POLARIS?

[Yep, it's the man himself, Michael Parks, on a Polaris ATV. - jonpf]

About [organizing] the [30th anniversary TCB] convention.... I've found that once your principals are in a row (date, time, location, and whether MP is available during that time) everything falls into place. With our BMW rallys, we just publish the above info and give a 1-800# and/or address for interested parties. I found ad space in national cycle magazines to be inexpensive and maybe the easiest way to gage interest. Those that have access to the internet can continue to update through your incredible site and those that are outside the present loop could be informed through the national mags. I've attended several science fiction conventions which started small a few years ago and now have thousands of attendees. If you have contact with the CD people, perhaps they could even put a flier in the pack with your site- Green Linnet records does this.

Also, if MP is playing again (or still), where can we go to see him perform live? Does he have a home base club? Weekend jam session or what?

Let me know what you think about the convention thing. I for one would enjoy sitting around talking up the show, singing some songs, and enjoying the company of other fans....whether there are 50 or 5000. And whatever I can do to help just let me know.


Another thought on the convention. We could find out where MP will be....and gather there. Depending on the location, we could schedule day rides to areas used in TCB or just good old U.S. back roads. Perhaps he has a regular bar he sits in on and we could coordinate events through there......just a thought.

P.S.: Does anyone know if there is a bloopers reel from the show? Also, any chances of getting MP into an advertised chat room for a couple hours or having each fan submit a question and post his answers- they did this with Highlander and it was a blast.

Time for a cig break on the set of
... then came BRONSON

Excellent job on the August newsletter. So much info. How do you do it!!???
I will email TNT and Columbia House again. I really appreciate all the work you have done on this site for us Michael Parks / Then Came Bronson fans.
So good to know there are other fans out there after all these years.
Thank You.

[From Jeff in Australia; email]
Thank you for compiling such a good site. I have always been a Bronson fan, and ever since seeing the series as a young rider, the aura of Jim riding off into the sunset has been in the back of my mind. But life has a way of delaying such activities, at least it has for me. I, however, get away on my scoot occasionally. I plan to tour the U.S next year, maybe on a bike. I'll maybe look up you and likeminded guys.

[Let me know when you're coming and where you'll be. Hopefully you can make it during the '98 TCB gathering (if it happens). Did you know that there are places in the US where you can rent Harleys? - jonpf]

I can't believe I found another TCB lover. Question 1: Anywhere to buy a copy of the pilot movie? Question 2: Is there a poster available anywhere? Thanks.

[Ah, if I had a dollar for every email that asked me "Question 1", I'd be able to buy the copyrights to the show and sell videos of it on this site. Hmmmm... Ok, everyone, send me a dollar! (Just kidding.) - jonpf]

I'm the guy who recorded Michael's new CD in Kansas City.

[The doors just keep opening! - jonpf]

Great web site!
I don't know why, but I decided to look for info on Bronson's old TV show. I would love to see it back. My question to you is why did you create this site?

[I wanted to learn HTML. No, seriously, ... well, ... actually, ... that was part of it. But mostly for the same reason that you spent time searching for info on it: it was (and still is) a great show that deserves to have its own website! Since I had searched and couldn't find a TCB site, I decided to make one. Sort of like, but in reverse, why people climb mountains... "because it's there." For me, it was because it WASN'T there - a TCB website. Hope that answers it. - jonpf]


To email me, click here!

Just found another copy of the first TCB novel at a local used book store, and in very good shape. Since I was taking public transportation (subway), I started reading it on the way home, mostly out of boredom.
What's funny is the description of Bronson's Harley! In three places, it is referred to as a 74 cubic inch engine (1200 c.c.). It wasn't! It was a 55 c.i. (883 c.c.) Sportster engine! This just reaffirms my theory that these authors either took some biker novels they'd already written and changed the character to Jim Bronson and added a few TCB-like references, or they just wrote without knowing anything specific about the show. - jonpf


To email me, click here!

Perilous Voyage (1969)
"Latin-American bandit holds a boat and its passengers hostage." This may be the same movie as "An Act of Piracy," mentioned in the TV Guide article on Michael Parks. The following movie database has this info:

Lee Grant
Michael Parks
William Shatner
Louise Sorel
Michael Tolan

William Graham

Filmography for Michael Parks' second wife, actress Jan Moriarty:|50681
Title: A New Kind Of Love (1963)
Genre: comedy
This romantic farce begins when an amorously minded reporter eventually convinces an inexperienced career girl to fall in love. Steve (Paul Newman) is in hot pursuit of Samantha (Joanne Woodward), who gives the hot-to-trot newshound the cold shoulder. Maurice Chevalier plays himself and sings several songs as the odd couple meet and fall in love in romantic Paris. Eva Gabor provides some comic relief in this story that features designer gowns by Dior, Carden and other fashion moguls. Frank Sinatra croons the title tune of this lightweight, forgettable film. -- Dan Pavlides, All-Movie Guide
[Jan Moriarty played the character of Suzanne]
This film was available, as of September 1998, for $14.99 (plus shipping?), at:

She also appeared ("bit part") in the 1964 movie, Bedtime Story, with Marlon Brando and David Niven.

[Although I only know of these two movie titles, she did appear on television shows and possibly other films. - jonpf]

For Bonnie Bedelia fans (the original of this program recently aired on cable):

"Bonanza Forever originated as a 2-hour episode of the long-running TV western series Bonanza, titled simply "Forever". The focus is on Little Joe Cartwright (Michael Landon, who also directed), who is about to be married. Bonnie Bedelia plays the unfortunate bride--unfortunate because the life expectancy of any woman who fell in love with a Bonanza regular was usually about 45 minutes. The episode was filmed on location in California's High Sierras. Bonanza Forever aired on September 12, 1972 as the opening volley of Bonanza's 14th--and last--season." -- Hal Erickson, All-Movie Guide|||124125


To email me, click here!

What a great web site [for TCB].
I used to love that program. The backround of the opening shot when he's talking to the guy in the car is Clipper and Upper Market just southwest of Twin Peaks in San Francisco. The Seaside sign in the backround was at a gas station. I think it's a BP station now.

[Here's an email from another fan in the San Francisco area:]

First of all, of course, my thanks for the energy put into the TCB site, let alone its very existence.

I was 14 when the show aired, and never missed an episode. I haven't seen it since, save for the last half hour of a TNT airing a year or so ago... stumbled onto that by accident, kicked myself because I'd stopped my weekly search of listings for it by then, looking for the pilot, which would still pop up as a late movie from time to time in the 70s and 80s.

Even developed a small crush on Bonnie Bedelia, when I watched the original pilot broadcast back in '69.

Anyway... though I haven't seen it for awhile, I still vividly remember the opening, originally a scene from the pilot. It's an absolute certainty that the exchange between Bronson and the harried car guy actually takes place in San Francisco. I have attached a map to this message...


They are stopped at a red light at the intersection of Portola (just as it crests and turns into Upper Market), Diamond Heights Blvd., and Burnett - roughly the south foot of Twin Peaks. There is a dip in the road, heading from O'Shaughnessy eastbound on Portola, just before the crest and that intersection. We see Bronson coming up from the dip, slowing to the light at the intersection, where the car is already stopped - you see a length of Portola, running to the west behind him as he comes toward the camera alongside the car.

On the northeast corner of that intersection, Portola and Burnett side, there was always a gas station (gone now)... at that time a non-major called, yes, Seaside. That's actually the gas station sign in the still shot, rising to his left, catty-corner.

Note that the traffic signal (as I look at the same Seaside still) is not quite set at right angles - traffic coming in on Diamond Heights/Clipper, from Bronson's right, is curving in at an angle.

As the scene continues (and as kept in the regular series opening), Bronson takes off, taking the immediate counterclockwise curve, west to north, as Portola becomes Upper Market on the other side of the intersection and heads down again... that curve is one of the best panoramic spots in San Francisco (so we establish in the opening where he's splitting from).

Then again, trying to rely on memory, I think he's heading *up* Upper Market in the shot, right back toward the same intersection, from the other side... depends on whether he's going left-right or right-left with the view beyond. So much for continuity (the wonder of editing)... but I do remember him heading up.

Left-right would be more geographically sound anyway, since he'd be on Highway 1 at some point - to get to the bridge at Big Sur, a couple hours to the south - and in SF you get to Hwy. 1 by heading west on Portola, not east (when he's pulling up alongside the car).

Well, doesn't matter.

I do miss this show - lots of hangin' in there these days, and never lost the fantasy of chucking it all to hit the open road.

Either way, thanks again Jon... good to see someone keeping the flame.


EMAIL 2 [my email comments preceded by ">"]
> Thank you for the detailed info and map of the intersection scene! pleasure...

> I will go
> over it more closely (with my CA street atlas), but I wanted to thank you
> for the info! I had one fan email me that it was the intersection of
> Clipper and Upper Market, but I couldn't find Clipper on my map.

...funny thing is, I think that was my friend and co-worker, _______, yes? We'd been talking about the show, and then the other day I found an MP3 wav of Long Lonesome Highway, which I e-mailed him. When I got to work the next day he'd found your site, then I popped in when I got home. Told him about our exchange yesterday, and he mentioned he'd also e-mailed you.

______ is actually correct, he and I both know it's really Clipper, but I adapted to the map I attached and said Diamond Heights... it's a weird intersection... Clipper is always shown as a non-artery street, but the fact is Diamond Heights, which is shown as an artery, runs into Clipper just before the intersection - the last bit of turn on the map is Clipper (follow it back the other way on the map and you'll see the name Clipper, clipped, at the right edge). Clipper is a much older street, and quite a climb up the hill - despite mapmakers' expedience, it's really just as much an artery, to get to the other side of Twin Peaks. Diamond Heights is almost a suburban street.

(BTW, I goofed in describing the Upper Market counterclockwise curve... it's east to north, not west to north.)

So, the correct designation for this intersection of *four* different streets (vs. the usual two), and one which will avoid nitpicky e-mails from San Franciscans, is Portola (west), Burnett (north), Upper Market (east), and Clipper (south, if barely). And again, Bronson is on the Portola side.

> Good to find out that the gas station "brand" was Seaside, if that's
> what you wrote.


> I just figured it was someplace in the town of Seaside (near Monterey),
> which didn't make sense, since he then drives up a hill which looks like
> SF area - I guessed it was just the editing silliness that also shows up
> elsewhere in TCB.

...a reasonable deduction about Seaside, since Big Sur is closer to Monterey. Again, that hill is Upper Market, heading back to the infamous intersection on the curve just before, so editing silliness is preserved. The background SF skyline is *quite* different now... I'm not sure if even the big, dark B of A building was finished by then, and the Pyramid was still three years away.

> One page I'm going to have to add to the site is for the Bronson itinerary,
> with maps and directions. Your email will go a long way to helping that.

Quite a project... Boy, you must be a fan. Glad to help, and have fun with it.


> Thanks for the further clarification of the route! It'll help.
> Yep, it was _______ [the first emailer]. It threw me, tho, when even
> Lycos' map function couldn't find Clipper and Market. Tell him "thanks",
> and I'll put both of your emails about the intersection location on
> the site (anonymously, unless otherwise requested).

To further further clarify, I'm attaching a couple color aerial shots of the intersection, one with the streets labeled, including the elusive Clipper. You'll also note some excavation/construction where the Seaside gas station used to be at Upper Market and Burnett - apartments now. For further overkill - hey, it's a *great* scene - there's also a larger BW aerial, with just a red dot for Bronson's position, and much more discernable excavation.

aerial-1.jpg, with street names

aerial-2.jpg, same photo, without names

aerial-3.jpg, different photo, with red dot

> > "PS: I converted that MP3 wav of Long Lonesome Highway into a standard
> > 1Mb wav that most folks can play... want it?"
> Please! and thanks!

...this too is attached. Fat message, as you've already realized in waiting for it.

> "Well, hang in there." too,

[If you want to hear a wave file from TCB, click here! However, it is almost one megabyte in size, so it may take several minutes to download. If you can't get this wave file to play, send me an email. - jonpf]

Another street map for the intersection scene (from Lycos web site):
Click here

Here is's map site:

Lets you enter an address or an intersection and gives you a zoomable map of the area. (By the way, entering the zipcode is not necessary.)

Episode #2 - The Old Motorcycle Fiasco
The place where Bronson's bike accidently gets filled with weed killer has a bar and poolroom inside, and by the street, there is a sign for "Stage Coach Bar." The episode was filmed in the actual town of Wilson, WY.
There is an establishment by that name in Wilson!
Stagecoach Bar
5755 W Hwy 22
Wilson, WY 83014
(307) 733-4407

The gas station that Bronson pulls into (at the end of the episode) is an ENCO brand (probably a division of ESSO, now EXXON). There are no ENCO/EXXON stations now in the Jackson Hole area.

Next to it (in the background of the scene) is "Jackson Hole Lodge and Motel." There is the following, though I'm not sure that it is the same place:
Jackson Hole Lodge
420 W Broadway St
Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 733-2992

Across the street is another gas station with a sign: "Teton Gas For Less." There are no gas stations in Jackson Hole by that name presently.

Also across the street is a strip mall with the storefront sign: "Hansen's" (which may have been a paint or hardware store). There is nothing by that name now.

Other pilot movie scene locations...

Near where Bronson and Temple buy the blue dress there is a storefront sign in the distance, at the intersection, "SF Floral Co."
There is the following company in Stockton:
San Francisco Floral Company
2001 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95204-5327
(209) 466-4973

According to a map, the cross street at the intersection is Bedford Road on one side and East Wyandotte Street on the other. There was a Rexall Drug Store a few doors up the street from the Floral Co.

[I emailed the following to Bob in Stockton, asking about the Stockton location:]

More questions about your area. In the pilot movie, the scene were Bonnie Bedelia gets her blue dress:
On the same side of the street as the dept. store, but across the intersection they came thru, there's a store on the corner that looks like "SF Floral Co" (big sign on side of building). Thinking the town might have been Stockton, I did some sleuthing and found the San Francisco Floral Company

A few doors past this floral place is what looks like a Rexall Drug store sign. The cross street(s) at the intersection of Pacific Ave may be Bedford Road on one side and East Wyandotte Street on the other (but I don't know which one they rode in on).
Any chance I'm onto something here?
And would you know what the dept store name was? I can't make it out in the video.

[Bob, from Stockton, replies:]
You are quite accurate about the SF Floral Co. being in Stockton, as indeed it is. That was filmed off of Pacific Ave., a.k.a. the "Miracle Mile". Pacific is one of the main arteries through Stockton (runs north and south) that has all the stores and malls and movies and restaurants. The cross street "Wyandotte" only runs east off of Pacific and terminates just past California St., and I am not sure of the west side, but I will check. I work about 1 block from Wyandotte & California St., and St. Joseph's Medical Center. The hospital is about 6 blocks from SF Floral. You got a hell of a good eye to spot that detail! I am going back to watch the movie and see what else I can recognize.
More later
Jon- Looking at the movie again, and knowing the miracle mile area, they were definitely not on Pacific or Wyandotte. SF Floral has moved there since the movie was filmed, as did most all other businesses. So, the movie scene was filmed in downtown Stockton. To be exact, (which I have for you now), they were traveling west bound on Main (note it is still a one way street as it was in the movie). The crosstreet is American. In the background, just as they cross American, is where you see the old location of SF Floral. The "R" that you see is not a Rexall store, it was a "Rosenthals" store, owned by a Jewish family. It sold clothes and stuff. They closed in the 80's. The store just behind Bronson as he parks the Sporty is J.C. Penneys (see the big Cadillac parked parallel there). If you look up real close, you can see the J.C., or parts of it in the movie. How did I know all this stuff now you ask? I had my wife watch it again and she remembered J.C. Penneys and hated being taken there as a kid to shop for school clothes. She called a few old Stocktonians for the other information. She also found this map (attached) that I made some rudimentary marks on. The box with the "X" in it is the store they went into (I will try to get the name for you). Across Main is "Penneys" (see my scribble on map). Behind them is S.F. Floral. I know I have seen that big building in the background (the tallest one) but I cannot remember what it is now. I will find out for you. So, once again, I am amazed that all flew by us and we didn't catch it. It is indeed the old downtown Stockton. Once again, most all of the businesses (including Penneys, S.F. Floral, etc.) have moved north to Pacific and the Miracle Mile. Downtown is now quite rundown and seedy and no one except the drug dealers and homeless hang out there. Let me know if you get the picture ok. It is a scan of my wife's most recent jury duty summons.

Click here


Jon- My wife, looking closely at the movie, noticed the box that Bonnie Bedelia carried out was from "Brown @ Mahin" store, which jibes with the store that was downtown. So, add that to the trivia quiz.


You did know that the one scene after the shopping scene was filmed in the town of Locke, correct? I have some pictures of that place, too. Old Chinese fishing town but has a killer steakhouse called "Al, The Wops". We often ride our bikes there for dinner. More later.......

[I asked:]

>Didn't know about Locke. Which scene? Can you describe it for me
>(background, dialog, action)? Is it where Bronson and Temple are
>walking in a run-down part of town and sort of breaking up with her?

Jon- It's the scene right after where they camp out (after the downtown Stockton scene), and yes, it looks like a bad part of town. It is really a funky little wooden building town that I suspect they thought was reminiscent of Louisiana. It is the scene just prior to the bike wreck where they are walking through the town, talking, and then head out on the bike. Just look for all the old wooden buildings. That is Locke. Rumor has it that Willie Nelson tried to buy it once, but they didn't want cowboys coming in there. Who knows if that is true or not.


Pilot movie, address of the marina where the guy drives Bronson's bike into the river:
King Island Resort
11530 West Eight Mile Road
Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 951-2188

Pilot movie - at the end of the movie, the hospital where Bronson is treated, and says goodbye [actually "I'll see ya."] to Bonnie's character, may be (according to Bob in Stockton):
St. Joseph's Medical Center
1800 N California St.
Stockton, CA 95204-6019
(209) 943-2000

[From Bob in Stockton, CA] The end of the pilot movie, when they are supposedly in Louisiana, was filmed on State Highway 12, east of Rio Vista [CA], and they cross the Rio Vista draw bridge (I think I can find and send you a picture) and he turns north (alone, after they break up) on the River Road, which runs parallel to the channel. Been there 100's of times on bike runs and rides. Not too far from King Island Marina.

[In the pilot movie, Bronson and Temple get together at a Phillips 66 gas station, and ride off past a general store next to it, that has a sign that looks like "Redwood Lodge and Campgrounds." I emailed Bob in Stockton, and he replied:]

It was indeed called "Redwood Resort or Lodge". I just called the number you sent me [Fernwood campground] and spoke with a fellow there who knew most of the history. He said the store is still there, plus a little bar and restaurant (the one I told you about that said "no hippies allowed") and some campgrounds with cabins. Location is in Big Sur valley. He was familiar with the Bronson movie and wants to watch it again. I asked him for a postcard of his place but he said they did not have any. Only postcards of Big Sur (commercially made ones).

[One of the following, possibly Fernwood, may be the campground, general store and gas station in the scene at Big Sur, CA:]

Hwy 1
Big Sur, CA 93920
(408) 667-2422

Limekiln Campground
Hwy 1
Big Sur, CA 93920
(408) 667-2403

Riverside Campgrounds & Cabins
PO Box 3
Big Sur, CA 93920-0003
(408) 667-2414

Ventana Camp Grounds
PO Box 206
Big Sur, CA 93920-0206
(408) 667-2688


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Here's a letter to TV Guide back in 1969-70 about Then Came Bronson:
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