The plastic model was produced by MPC (Model Products Corporation, of Mount Clemens, Michigan). It was a 1/8th scale model, called "Bronson Motorcycle" (Model #413, issued in 1970; reissued in 1971 under Model #1-1413).

According to the Mount Clemens Chamber of Commerce, MPC's plant was closed down, many years ago, and its operations absorbed by its parent corporation, AMT.

For those of you interested in the "Bronson Motorcycle" plastic model, I have found out that AMT, which owned MPC, was bought by ERTL. I sent them an email about the model - maybe they could reissue it in preparation for the 30-year anniversary of Then Came Bronson (1999).
(I recently got an email from a TCB fan who said that ERTL no longer owns the rights to the model. I emailed ERTL and asked if they did or didn't, and they didn't reply. However, even if they sold the right, they could probably get it back if there was enough interest in it!)

Here are ERTL's email/feedback page address and their main web address:

Write to them and tell them you would by at least one if they released it, and you would tell your Then Came Bronson fan friends about it. Be sure to mention that 1999 is the 30th anniversary of the show!

Here are three photos from the model cycle box - not in good shape! I don't have any of the completed model.
Face of box
Side panel 1
Side panel 2

(Note: Two of these photos are the same as in the "cycles" page.)

When I get a better set of photos of the box, I will put them in the site, along with some photos of the assembled model. (If anyone has the box in good condition, would they please contact me?)

In December of 1998 I made a web page for a "winter project" of restoring a Bronson Sportster plastic model that I had purchased a couple of years ago. For various reasons, I haven't gotten very far. Anyway, here's a link to the page: winter project

[I got this email from a TCB fan:] I think we should all contact The Franklin Mint and bug them until they agree to offer the Bronson Sportster. They have a '57 model (which I have in my collection) so most of their tooling is already done.

You can reach The Franklin Mint at 1-800-THE-MINT. Ask for customer service.
Their snail mail address is: 2405 Franklin Center, Franklin, PA 19091. The artists who create the precision model motorcycles are in the Design and Development Dept. The Franklin Mint is building a web site. Their address will be: FMINT.COM. They don't yet have an email address. Let's all contact them concerning building the Bronson Sportster. I'd also like to see Evel's XR 750 become available.

[My reply:] I think they did the Easy Rider bikes in honor of that movie's 30th anniversary (also 1969?). I bet they'd consider TCB's 30th as a suitable reason to issue the Bronson Sportster model! However, their models usually run about $120.
There's also a cycle model company called Maisto (?), that has a couple of really nice pre-assembled models out (a Harley and an Indian), for reasonable prices - about $35, I think. Maybe they would be interested in doing the Bronson model; one place they sell through is Sharper Image, which appeals to us baby boomers, and could be a good selling strategy. If anyone knows how to contact Maisto, please let me know.

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