June 1st Newsletter


"Hi Jon,
I (Molly) just skimmed your May newsletter, and was amazed (and pleased) at the interest out there in Michael Parks. You can say you've heard he's working on a new CD, and that his fans will hear about it on your site first. Soon, I hope.
We're working on liner notes this weekend. Things are moving along.
I've never met him myself, but if/when I do, I'm going to ask him how he'd feel about attending the proposed 30-year reunion."



[From the folks putting together Michael Parks new album]

[Also from the folks putting out the new album:]

"You mentioned the poem Evangeline in your recent update. I recognized that part because I was reading it in High School at the time of the episode. Some of the other poetry in that episode, according to M. Parks was from Peer Gynt. I don't know which parts because:

1. I haven't seen that episode in 27 years.
2. I haven't read Peer Gynt.

Anyway I thought that you might be interested in that bit of trivia. I have really enjoyed your web site and I will write more when I get a bit of time."

[I got down to the library and, sure enough, the rest of the forest narration, after the part from Evangeline, in Forest Primeval episode, comes from Peer Gynt, by Henrik Ibsen, and comes from Act One, Scene One. Keep in mind, however, that he was Norwegian, and wrote in that language. Neither of the two translations at the local library matched exactly the version MP used.
Maybe these were things that Michael Parks read back in his poetry-reading days (late '50s, early '60s), and came to mind as he walked through the forest during the filming of the episode.]

To those of you who visit this site: The TCB email list I've mentioned on this site is private - I'm the only one who will ever see it; I won't be sending it out to anyone. I use it only so I contact people directly.

[Here is a scan of TCB from the book, Harley-Davidson Sportster Performance Handbook by Buzz Buzzelli from motorbooks international, provided by Todd, another TCB fan:]

"From what I have been able to find out, there were a few Bronson bikes made. They were 1969 XLH Sportsters - but with the kick start added. Keep up the good web page!"

TCB photo

[From Joe, another fan of the site:]

"I have a CUSTOM BIKE [magazine] (May 1982) that has BRONSON on the front cover, plus a write-up on him."

[Addition to MP's filmography:]

Deceiver (U.S. Release Date: 1/30/98 (limited)); "... Michael Parks delivers several wonderful scenes as a psychiatrist who's entrusted with evaluating Wayland's condition."


[By the way, regarding TCB tapes, I got the following from another fan:]

"You should encourage people to write to Columbia House as they are doing limited editions of classic TV series. (I currently get the Route 66 series.) I wrote them, and they sounded interested - if there would be enough demand. A few letters goes a long way."

is the web address.

is the email address."

[From Todd - jpeg image of MP on 'cycle:]

and a closeup of MP from a TV Guide:

[From another fan:]

"There is an issue of Dirt Bike Magazine that has an interview with Michael Parks for a part he played in a dirt bike movie called Sidewinder I."

[Sidewinder I came out in 1977, so maybe an issue from that year.]
The "Summer 1998" issue of Cruising Rider magazine (p. 30-34) has an article on "The AMF Years" at Harley-Davidson. Interesting reading for some of us, as this was the time at H-D when TCB was being made, with H-D's help. (Much good and bad has been made of AMF's "rescue" of H-D.)

Recently I got an email from Lewis Johnsen whose father, Robert C. Johnsen, was in THE 3:13 ARRIVES AT NOON episode of TCB. Lewis said his father was the gas station attendant. His father died a few years ago, and Lewis has been looking for information about his father's acting career (including video tapes of shows and movies with his appearances), which spanned a few decades. The family still gets "residuals" checks for his acting work. Lewis will be sending me some photos and other memorabilia, which he has granted me permission to put on this site. If you know of anything, send it to me and I'll pass it along.
Well, I finally got the photos and scans from Kodak. Here they are, with brief descriptions...

The first twelve of the following images are from seven (of eight) "lobby posters" from the theatrical release of Then Came Bronson, the version released in Mexico; it was called "BRONSON, EL AVENTURERO":

At the shore, Bronson comes upon a young woman apparently intent on suicide: 13.jpg

Bronson and the woman, Temple Brooks, at the turn-off for Route 101, when she says she doesn't want to go that direction (she changes her mind when he says "42 miles. There's a gas station on the left."): 12.jpg

A close-up of the b&w photo: 21.jpg

After Temple refuses to work at the brickyard, she learns what Bronson meant when he said, "You don't work, you don't eat!": 18.jpg

Bronson (on a CZ motorcycle, not the Harley!) tries to win the hillclimb - and prize money: 19b.jpg

At the dinner table at Papa Bear's ranch: 16.jpg

Bronson and Papa Bear have a talk about Bronson's future: 14.jpg

After the guy steals Bronson's bike and drives it into the river and Bronson and Temple spend the night cleaning it up, it's time for them to wash up: 10.jpg

Almost "the high side" for Bronson and Temple: 11.jpg

Bronson wakes up in the hospital: 15.jpg

Bronson (more likely Bud Ekins, the stunt double): 19a.jpg

Posed photo: 20.jpg

An article in TV Guide on Then Came Bronson: click here

Another article in TV Guide on Then Came Bronson: click here

A close-up of one of the photos: click here

From TV Guide, a photo of the " All-seeing Eye" decal that was on the Bronson cycle's gas tank: click here

Here is another photo of the TV Guide with Michael Parks' picture on the cover: click here

This is a photo from an ad in a 'cycle magazine and shows the 1970 H-D Sprint SS350 - the cycle that I rode (which I affectionately call "the poor man's Sportster"): click here

Cover of paperback novel for BUS RILEY'S BACK IN TOWN, which starred Michael Parks and Ann-Margret: click here
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