July, blue skies, children's laughter,
chasing moonbeams, running after

(from the song Summer Days,
on the album Long Lonesome Highway,
sung by Michael Parks,
written by James Hendricks)


(Anonymous, unless requested otherwise. I put these on because so many people asked me to make a fan web page so they could tell their "Bronson" stories.)

Bob Wright of Stockton, CA, sent along some sound files for the site. One is already in the "cycles" page.
I wrote: By the way, this eve I integrated it into the site (into the "cycles" page)!
And he replied: Good job......I hope it gets a good response. The show used to crack me up because he would "kick" start the bike, but the background sound had an electric starter motor spinning prior to the engine firing. Ever notice that? Sportsters (by the way) were notorious for NOT STARTING AFTER EVEN THE 2ND or 3RD KICK!!!!!!!!!! I can attest to that. Bob

Bitmaps from a fan in Australia!


Email addresses no longer valid:
discbrake (send me your new address)

Bronson itinerary/locations... (emails between Bob Wright and me)...

Jon- The King Island pictures should be ready today (this evening). I will scan some and send them to you. Maybe you would want to put one on your page.....kind of a "then.....and now" thing. I think there is even an old pickup [truck] (albeit not THE pickup) in front of the bar they were in.
I will watch the [pilot] movie again, trace the maps [of Bronson's route] for you and label them. The whole 1st part of the movie is a snap, it's San Francisco, to I-280, to Highway 1 and down the coast through Monterey, Seaside, Carmel and Big Sur. I'll write more soon.
Thanks again, Jon.


Jon-Attached are the King Island Marina pictures I promised you. Sorry it took so long. Note, on "kim" (file title) the sign and dock location. To the far right of this picture is the tail end of the old pick up you can see clearly in "kim1". Behind the truck in "kim1" and to the right you will see the smaller part of the building which is now like a little bar and restaurant. Inside this is surely where they filmed the scene that was supposedly in Louisiana. I suspect the dock was located perhaps closer to the single story building when the good old boy rode his bike off the edge (I suspect they used a ramp..........perhaps not).
Ironically, I'll bet the pick up truck in the picture is parked quite near where the one in the movie was, less the chickens (which may be around there also).
So, let me know if you get these ok and also if they are big enough to use if you want to post them on your website. I have a scanner so I can make them smaller or larger. Take care........Bob
PS: The b&jhd file is my wife and I, in front of our house a few weeks ago.




Jon-Here is the best I can do with enlarging the building to look as close as the picture you have from the movie. I blew it up and then cropped it. Let me know what you think. Bob


[Note: Scroll down to also see a scan from the pilot movie, showing the King Island Resort building as it was back then. You can see it's the same, even down to the overhang above the door, the windows, and what's left of the sign-holder on the roof!]


Jon- Re: my last post, I had an idea. My wife and I could ride my Harley back out to King Island (15 minutes from here) and have our son shoot the picture exactly like the one you have. I will even put on the wool hat and brown cords. We could do it as a lark!!!!! She could wear a blue dress. What do you think? Bob

[Note: I thought it was a great idea, and will post the scan when I get it. I will even make a special page for it, if the rest of you will do the same - knit cap and all. Red Sportster and identical background not required.]

Hi! Great web site. Wish I'd found it sooner. I was also a major fan of TCB, being in high school when it was on. I never got the Harley, never got past a Yamaha, but I think the character and the show affected my outlook, development, and even influenced my choice of majors in college. After college, the show lay dormant in my mind until I rediscovered it on TNT. What a thrill to see the episodes in color now! I still remembered the plots of many of them. It makes me incredibly nostalgic for what once was. How much the world has changed since then. I have his first 3 albums and still listen to them occasionally.
In an incredible bit of serendipity, I actually met Michael Parks on a boat in New Orleans in May of 1991 when he was filming Storyville there. He was very gracious and talked with my wife and I for about half an hour; mainly about Bronson. Told us how the "hang in there" line came about; discussed several of the specific plots and actors. It was a once in a lifetime experience.
I have a customer who grew up in the Hemet, CA, area who says he remembers Michael Parks attending Sunday church services there with his family.
It sounds like you actually did a pretty good job of replicating the Bronson experience. I always wanted to take an extended trip, but never got around to it.
Keep up the good work.
Regards, ...

Hi. Go ahead and put my email on the site, without my name please. Here's how I met Michael Parks. In May of '91 my wife and I were escorting a group of customers who had won a trip to New Orleans in a sales contest. Since we were a little tired from the previous night's activities, we elected to take a ride on the paddlewheel Natchez, I think it was called. The Mississippi is pretty wide and industrialized down there, especially on the east bank, so there wasn't a lot to see. I went into the men's room and ran into Michael Parks! I wasn't 100% sure so I didn't say anything but followed him into the bar. He then went out to the other side of the boat. I went back to my wife and told her I had just seen a guy who looks just like Michael Parks. She told me I'm always seeing people who remind me of someone else, which is true. Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer and walked with her through the bar to the side where he was sitting out watching the New Orleans shore as the boat came into dock. My wife wasn't sure if it was him either, until a woman came up and took his picture. I went up to her and asked her if that was who I thought it was. She said yes, it's Bronson!
I summoned up my courage and went up and shook his hand, told him I was a great fan, that I had 3 of his albums, and that I had written him a letter some time prior to that when I had rediscovered TCB on TNT. He was very gracious and was accompanied by a young woman named Zoe, who was a production assistant for a movie he was filming there to be called Storyville.
He said he had had a place in New Orleans for many years. He was wearing blue jeans, white sneakers, a plain white T-shirt, and gold rimmed Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. He told me there had been some talk about filming new episodes of Bronson but nothing ever materialized. I told him the opening segment was a classic. He said the script called for him to say something like "well, you can't be me until you tune in, turn on and drop out", or words to that effect.
He said he took a break and walked around for a few minutes, came back and ad- libbed "hang in there", which then became part of the national consciousness: even Nixon used it. I told him the episodes were very well written; somehow I mentioned "The Mountain". He said James Whitmore's character was modelled on Hemingway. I obviously was in a daze and can't remember too many more details, except we talked in general terms about the show.
At the end, he asked us to join him and Zoe for a drink at their hotel. Not wanting to push my luck, I declined. I've kicked myself for that. He told me he had recorded some more albums and took my name and address down on a restaurant receipt I had. I never heard from him, but I moved shortly after that. I have a picture my wife took of he and I standing side by side on the boat with New Orleans in the background which I treasure and which I whip out whenever I find someone who might remember the show. It was a magical experience.

Hey there friend,

Sorry that I have not gotten back to you regarding the photos I mentioned were taken in Jackson Hole. For future reference, all four of the episodes that you mentioned were filmed in or around Jackson Hole, were in fact all filmed in Jackson Hole. The town of Jackson, sits in the middle of Jackson Hole, Wilson is on the far west side of Jackson Hole, Moran and Moose are at the northern end of Jackson Hole. In other words, Jackson Hole is a big valley that includes the towns Jackson, Wilson, Kelly, Moran, Moose, Roger's Point or Hoback Junction, Red Top Meadows or sometimes called Goat, Teton Village (where the Jackson Hole Ski Area is), and The Aspens. I think that's it. The valley is about forty miles long, and about twenty miles wide give or take a few miles. It is not unusual for people to confuse Jackson Hole (the valley) with Jackson, the town. Teton National Park is in Jackson Hole, but Yellowstone is not. So there you have it. The first four episodes were filmed in Jackson Hole proper. I'm of course not counting the original pilot.

I'll be in touch-

Wilson, Wyoming
[Trivia note: parts of the first TCB episodes were filmed on his parents' ranch in Wilson, WY.]

[From Lewis Johnsen, whose father was an actor in one of the TCB episodes:]
I spoke to one of my older brothers over the weekend, and he told me that my dad had a speaking roll with Parks at the gas station, something about Parks asking him what was going on and my dad telling him about some guy who got out of prison and was coming into town, and he also appeared in a train station crowd scene. (I saw this as a young child, but vaguely recall it.) My brother also told me that as the show went on, it was chopped up little by little to allow for more advertisement time.

[Here are three scans from the material he sent me. The first is a "Cast and Crew Call Sheet" from the TCB episode his father was in; the second is a photo of his father, Robert C. Johnsen; the third is a copy of a residual check from the episode:]



[And here is a wave file from the scene with Parks and Johnsen (For Internet Explorer 3, click on the > button on the far left of the graphic. For Netscape 4, double-click on the "speaker" graphic. For Netscape 3, right-click on the graphic and click "Play" on the drop-down menu. For other browsers, who knows? ):]

[What's amusing about it is the amount of gas Bronson asks for! With all the bikers on the set, somebody should have caught that!]

Enjoyed your web site! Please add me to e-mail list. Bronson was my favorite TV show during college years in Dallas, Texas. I watched it every week that year, and got the nickname "Bronson" from a couple friends. Any information on the episode that featured Renne Jarrett in a VW van ... my favorite actress of the time?

[Note: the episode was #15, Sibyl. You might try some of the movie databases on the web to see what they have on her career and bio.]

Jon - terrific work on this web site. TCB is one of my top tv shows of all time. I was 16 when the pilot came out. I only had the hankering to own a motorcycle once but wasn't independent enough to follow through on it. sort of like the guy in the station wagon. My favorite phrases were "you don't work, you don't eat" and "wherever I end up I guess". One of the first LP's I ever bought was "Long Lonesome Highway". I subsequently acquired 3 of the others. I've been a big Bonnie Bedelia fan ever since, too. Before Turner acquired the rights, the pilot used to show up once in a while as a late night movie and I'd always watch it. The series used to show up on the LA independents too, but that was a long time ago. The idea of a 30th aniversary reunion sounds great! I hope something can come of it. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the information. Not only will I send notice to Columbia House and TNT, I'll forward this to the rest of the known world.

Thanks - you're performing a valuable public service with your Then Came Bronson web page. For years, I've been dying to relive some of the good times I had watching Jim Bronson on his Sportster (and yes, a CZ in the hillclimb). I was 16 and 17 at the time it was broadcast, had just gotten my own motorcycle (lamentably, it was a miserable little Yamaha 100 Twin Jet, but it WAS a motorcycle), and each show was the highlight of my week.

Seems like a movie after all these years should be a shoo-in. 30 years later, and 20 years after re-joining society, building a somewhat successful alternative newspaper in Sacramento and raising a strapping son, Bronson is widowed, pulls the Sportster out from under the junk in the garage behind the house, and punches out of society again, this time accompanied by son Jess on his own mid-80s Sportster. Harley-Davidson would underwrite it, it'd cost $41 million, and make $55 million at the box office.

Just wanted to compliment you on your great webpage. I was 11 years old and had a Honda 100cc dirtbike when this show came out. I'm almost 40 and I still ride, except I ride a Harley Softail and a BMW K100LT. I am a great fan of this TV series, and movies like "Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man", "Easyrider", etc. I think the work you put into getting all this information is FANTASTIC!!!!!

... I've got an original cassette version of Michael Parks's "Long Lonesome Highway" album.

... By the way I read some time ago that Parks wanted to use a Kawasaki triple for the shows but they wouldn't let him.

What a nice thing it is to have found this site.

Read your bio. TCB made a life-time impression on me too. Except I was only 14 at the time. The Bronson character became something of a role model for me. Not that my father wasn't, in fact it was my folks that made sure I watched the pilot movie. I became hooked and watched the series religiously. I still have Michael Parks' albums and know every song by heart. Had the Sportster model and the paperbacks.

In 1980 after having left the Coast Guard and finishing 2 years of college, I could not put it off any more. I bought a '76 Sportster and with one of my best friends rode our bikes from Des Moines, IA to Seattle to visit a mutual friend that had moved out there years earlier. Then we rode up into Canada through Banff and Jasper parks and down through Calgary and back home. It was a dream realized.

Sold the Sporty when I got back, though. It had broken down on me 3 times on the trip! But, what the hell!

I've been able to capture about half the series off TNT in years past. And I have e-mailed them several times asking that if they do not intend to air the series again, to please make it available to home video. We'll see.

Hang in there!

Hi Jon. Wrote you a few weeks back. I was [email name]. I had to change my name, because I stupidly posted to a few newsgroups, then started getting a ton of spam. Won`t happen again. I learned my lesson.
Anyway, I confess I was anxiously awaiting your update on your Bronson web site. Did you know Michael Parks is mentioned in director Don Siegel`s autobiography? I`ll be darned if I can remember the name of it, but I remember that Siegel directed Parks in the movie "The Last Hard Men", and didn`t have much good to say about him. He called Parks "ridiculous", because he mumbled his lines, and several retakes had to be made so that he could be heard. I always thought he was an interesting actor though.

Hi, I am a fan. I love your site, THANKS! I packed up my '73 Bonny in '80 and rode from PA to LA (28 states). I got the idea from TCB. I was 11 when TCB was on; my dad said no way [to letting me watch it] but I begged and begged. I missed episodes 1-4 but was faithfull for the rest. I'm good to go in 1999.

You should encourage people to write to Columbia House as they are doing limited editions of classic TV series. (I currently get the Route 66 series.) I wrote them, and they sounded interested - if there would be enough demand. A few letters goes a long way.
[Folks, if you haven't sent them and email (lately), here's the address:]

So send them an email and let's see if we can get them to offer it. They will probably get the original masters to dupe from, so better quality, more complete and no commercials!]

Jon, Thx for the info. This show was what made me fall in love with H-D motorcycles when I was a kid. I did email Turner asking for next airing. If you get any future info, please send. Would appreciate it.

I saw Michael Parks on an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock." It looked like it was a possible test pilot. Michael Parks played a young brash doctor who worked for the public health dept.

I just wanted say how much I enjoyed your page and the memories it brought back for me. I was only 9 when Bronson came on and used to BEG my father to allow me to stay up until 10:00 PM to watch the show. I also had the model kit of the Harley-Davidson but am afraid I can no longer locate it after all these years.
I always understood the series was cancelled not really because of bad ratings but because Michael Parks said he was being pressured to change the character to make Bronson more violent. I think I remember reading this many years ago in an issue of Dirt Bike Magazine when they interviewed Parks for a part he played in a dirt bike movie called Sidewinder I. One of the other actors in the movie was Marjoe Gortner (hope I got the spelling correct). I think this was in late 70s. Anyway, I guess the series was receiving good ratings but not good enough to warrant allowing Parks to do what he wanted, so they cut the show. If I remember correctly, Parks said he was "black-listed" from working for a while because of it. I might be wrong-it's been a long time since I read the article.
I always enjoyed Bronson because the show captured the spirit of being able to wander, at least for a very short time in one's life, and the episodes were about very real life situations that "normal" people lived. There wasn't a lot of violence, or doctors in emergency rooms, or police detectives, etc. I think the show would be popular today.
It was a charge for me when I finally had the opportunity to drive some of Highway 1 and 101 out in CA (I was raised in Maryland). It was in a car but nevertheless, it was where they made the series! By the way, I am now 38, and have wandered around the country going to college, Army, and now business, but still have to get that Harley!

Anyway, thanks again for page. I realize there must be some work doing these things.

Thanks for sending the news letter update info, I really appreciate it. Just for information to TCB fans, like me, that don't have the original album, Trace Adkins does a remake of the song Wayfaring Stranger on his CD "BIG TIME". I just discovered it about a week ago and was delighted. Thirty year anniversary? Sounds cool - count me in! Keep me posted and let me know what I can do to help!

Subject: 30 Year Anniversary Idea

One idea might be a photo shoot of all the fans on the Bixby Bridge with any motorcycles they might own. As I wrote to you (last month?) I was very inspired by this show. Enough so, that when I was finally able to buy a Harley I have seriously considered riding around the country in much the same fashion. That is, working as I go.
Perhaps the road to Big Sur will have recovered enough for some sort of motorcycle rally by then.

PS, any objections if I link your page from mine? I thought this page would be appropriate to hold a link to your's.

I'm sending a photo of my attempt at a Bronson bike replica. I didn't know about Bronson Red paint back then, so I got as close to the color of his bike as I could using the box cover from the model as my source. The only problem with that was that the box had faded over the years from bright red to more of a redish-orange which is what I painted it. I also didn't know that his sissy bar was from a Schwinn bicycle (that explains why I never found it in a motorcycle accessories catalogue). But the seat is right, the pipes are right, the chromed oil tank,chain guard,and air breather cover are also correct. The rear fender is bobbed and the front one is chromed. It is a 1969 XLH which is also correct. Anyway I thought you might get a kick out of it.

Hey, I've had a bet going for a long time with a buddy of mine about what bike Bronson rode on the show. I WON!! It was great to find your spot. I've been searching the web for months and couldn't find anything; today was my lucky day. Have a good one.

What is the cc of the Sportster (you said it was an 883). I had a 1962 Sportster; when they first came out it was a 1000cc.
[I replied: I did some checking on the Sportster and Harleys in general. The last production model H-D cycle with a 1000cc/61ci engine was in 1952, on the models EL, ELS and ELF; the 1000cc didn't reappear on any H-D cycle until 1972. The "Sportster" first came out in 1957 with a 883cc/55ci engine. (Its predecessors were the "KH Sport" and "KHK Sport" bikes, with 883cc/55ci engines, which began coming out in 1954.) The Sportster kept the 883cc engine until 1972, when it went up to a 1000cc.
This comes from two books:
both by Motorbooks International
It is possible that either his bike was a custom bored-out 883 or it had a 1000cc engine from a 1952 or earlier Harley. The 1972 1000cc was just a bored-out 883 (Harley dropped the prototype idea of changing the angle of the Sportster V-twin because the bored-out version gave the same power increase). Anyone out there have any input?]

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed finding your site. I have been a fan of this show for years and am always looking for references to it. I've never found much. But today I feel like I hit the mother load. I have spent quite a bit of time tonight perusing what you've put up here and I will check back often. THANKS!!

The latest Film Comment [magazine - July/August issue] has a good 2-page article on Michael Parks. You might want to look for it at the newstand.
[Note: it's an article on Parks' career, focusing mostly on the past several years. It has two photos of Parks, which I have scanned:]


I was 17 years old when TCB aired on NBC. I loved the show, and have long hunted for syndicated reruns. TCB inspired me to travel to California on a motorcycle (a BSA 650) along with another friend (on another BSA Lightning). I ended up traveling out west for about a year. Back then, you could have virtually no money and still get along. We camped out, met other bikers traveling along the way, and had many memorable times.
I am glad to see someone started a TCB site. Good luck, and I'll check back often.


The following are available from:
Green Lion Books
2402 University Avenue West, Suite 409
Saint Paul, MN 55114
(612) 644-9070

(Store owner's name is Mark; no internet access, but I can always relay messages to him; otherwise, there's always "snailmail" and the telephone.)

#1 Then Came Bronson
two copies in stock, condition VG, price $4 each

#2 The Ticket
two copies in stock, one VG+ priced at $6, the other VG- at $4

#3 Rock!
two copies in stock, one in F at $12, the other VG but with water stains on cover priced at $4

Postage & handling $4 per order (for one or all six books, sort of a "flat rate")

"Oh, and in case you're interested, I came across a Michael Parks record album at a local resale shop -- "Blue". Is this one you're in need of? I've only a couple bucks invested, so if not, no big deal."

[The above is from Greg K. If you want me to contact him about the books or the Michael Parks record "Blue", let me know.]

This site has the first Then Came Bronson novel for sale:


(NBC) Starring Judith Light, Jimmy Smits, Audra Lindley, Rhea Perlman, and Michael Parks. Jack Grossbart and Freyda Rothstein, Executive Producers. Renee Valente, Producer. Larry Elikann, Director.

Seems Michael Parks was also on The Dick Powell Show, season 1, 1961-62:
1.04 [04] JOHN J. DIGGS
17 Oct 61
written by Albert Beich and William H. Wright
directed by Ralph Nelson
guest stars:
Dick Powell
Rhonda Fleming
Jack Kruschen
Michael Parks

Another addition to Michael Parks's film/tv-ography:
According to the pressbook for the movie, Bus Riley's Back In Town, Michael Parks was discovered in the play "Compulsion," at Hermosa Beach, CA, and was signed by a talent agent who got him a job on the TV show, DAY IN COURT [which ran from 1958-65; perhaps this was his first TV appearance].

There was a Route 66 episode with Michael Parks, called Cries of a Person Close to One, 1-31-64:

This may be available from Columbia House:

Parks also seems to have appeared in another movie, entitled French Quarter Undercover, with actor Billy Holliday:

However, the International Movie DataBase (IMDB) does not list it.
It does seem to be available from:


Also available from:

French Quarter Undercover

[Bill/Billy Holliday also appeared with Michael Parks in The Savage Bees (1976)]

In fact, check out this site for videos of Michael Parks for sale:

And also for Bonnie Bedelia films:

Here's another movie database for Then Came Bronson:|||129455

And here is its biography and filmography on Michael Parks (the filmography is extensive, with rare items such as a motorcycle safety film!):

And here is its bio on Bonnie Bedelia (with an incorrect birthdate; she was born in 1946 - see below):||4930

And here is its page for Wild Seed (starring Michael Parks):|||117081

Another Michael Parks filmography site:

It includes a link to info on the film, Perilous Voyage (1969), starring Michael Parks and William Shatner, and directed by William Graham (who directed the TCB pilot movie).
Leonard Maltin's 1991 TV Movies and Video Guide indicates it was filmed in 1968 but not released until 1976. It gives Michael Parks top billing but calls it "Below average."

A web site, with photos of Michael Parks, for his movie, The Idol:

From the following web site:

"The program [South Park, on the Comedy Channel] was seen in 4 million households and by 6.2 million viewers, the cable channel said, citing Nielsen Media Research figures. That makes it the second highest-rated entertainment program on basic cable, behind the 1990 USA network movie "The China Lake Murders" [which starred Michael Parks] with an 8.4 rating."

[If it is true, it says something about Michael Parks as a tv/movie draw!]

IMDB for Bonnie Bedelia, costar in the pilot movie for Then Came Bronson:,+Bonnie

Real name: Bonnie Bedelia Culkin

Date of birth (location): 25 March 1946, New York, New York, USA.

Trivia: Aunt of Macaulay Culkin [of "Home Alone" movie fame]

Misc.: Brown hair, brown eyes

Also of interest, she starred in the 1973 movie "Between Friends," which also starred Michael Parks! (Note: there was a TV movie of the same title, released in 1983, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett.)

However, the TVGEN movie database says the title of this film was "Get Back," and Parks' character was named Toby, not Tony:

Here is TVGEN's filmography on Michael Parks:

Bonnie Bedelia early film-/tv-ography:

She starred in some episodes of the TV series Bonanza:

"Forever" [a two-part episode]; [season 14] "Joe falls in love and plans to marry. Guest star: Bonnie Bedelia."
[source: web site schedule for July 7, 1998, Family Channel]

"The Unwanted" [season 10]

Ann-Margret web site, with links (she starred with Michael Parks in Bus Riley's Back In Town):


Email note from the folks putting out Michael Parks' new album:

The CD Project is going well. I mocked up the cover, liner notes, and tray card for Michael and got an OK to proceed (having it done professionally) with a few minor changes. There will be either 16 or 17 songs on the CD (He's still deciding about one of them). The run time is around 69 minutes. I won't give the title away at this time except to say we both were amused by it.
Projected release date is mid-September to early October (there are 10,000 details it seems). Next month I'll send you a song list if you would be interested.
Note: Anyone wanting to see a truly excellent performance should go see Michael Parks in the movie "Niagara, Niagara."

Shooting Gallery Records/V2 Records has released the soundtrack to "Niagara, Niagara", a production of the acclaimed independent film company, The Shooting Gallery ("Sling Blade"). Directed by Bob Gosse (co-founder of The Shooting Gallery along with Larry Meistrich), the film stars Robin Tunney ("The Craft"), Henry Thomas ("E.T.", "Legends of the Fall"), and Michael Parks. Tunney's performance in "Niagara, Niagara" won the Best Actress prize at the Venice International Film Festival.

Golden Throats III: Sweethearts of Rodeo Drive
(includes song, San Antonio Rose, sung by Michael Parks)


This site has a wave file of Long Lonesome Highway. However, not only is it a "zip" file (not in ready-to-play format), you also need to download and install their other program (which becomes integrated into your Windows sound player):


For the 1965 movie Wild Seed, there was a soundtrack (of sorts), that included two songs probably sung by soul crooner Mel Carter (famous for the song "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me"). The titles seem to have been:
That's Why
That's All My Heart Can Say

I found a web site for Mel that mentions his contribution to the movie, and sent him some emails. He couldn't recall the songs he sang (it's been over 30 years), but he is checking with his manager to try to locate more info on this.
Whether there was an actual "soundtrack" album in record stores for the movie is unclear, since one excellent reference on movie and TV soundtracks (the one that indicated there was a soundtrack single to Then Came Bronson) doesn't mention the movie at all.
(I found another reference which indicates that Ray Charles also sang for the soundtrack.)
I'll keep checking on this and post future findings on the site.
Here is Mel Carter's web site address:

"Jon, I am in contact with my ex-manager to get the information you requested--will be in touch as soon as they contact me . Thank you for your interest.
Mel Carter"

The producer was Al Ruddy and this was his first picture and this was my contact for the film. I did two songs in the film -- a gospel and a part of another song. I don't remember the titles. I hope this helps you in some way.

Celia Kaye info (she starred with Michael Parks in Wild Seed):

"Most Promising Newcomers for 1965 (Golden Globe Awards)"

Celia Kaye bio from IMBD:,+Celia

born 1941. Carthage, Missouri; real name: Celia Kay Burkholder

And here's a lobby photo from the movie Wild Seed, with Parks and Kaye on a boxcar roof (the pressbook says they did their own stunts):

[The next newsletter hope to have some scans from the pressbooks for Wild Seed, Bus Riley..., and who knows what else!]


As a tribute to coastal California and the TCB episode "The Forest Primeval," I wanted to include some sites for Redwood & Sequoia trees, the giants of Big Sur and the coast.

Another site for Big Sur info, including road conditions, maps, parks, activity info, etc.:


Road Conditions
Current conditions on California Highway 1 can be obtained from the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans). The Big Sur region lies almost entirely within California's Monterey County; a small portion of its southern end is in San Luis Obispo County. This information may be helpful to you in interpreting CalTrans's reports, because many reported conditions on Highway 1 are outside the Big Sur region.
800.427.7623 (touch-tone within California only)
415.557.3755 (touch-tone only)
213.628.7623 (touch-tone only)
916.445.1534 (rotary phones OK)

World Wide Web site for current conditions on Highway 1:

World Wide Web site for all California highways:

And this one:

Another Big Sur site:

This looks like a nice place to stay:

In fact, here is the WWW.EXCITE.COM search code for Big Sur (that lead me to these sites):
(click here)

You might want to bookmark it for future reference, if you're into Big Sur and that area.


Twin Peaks trading card (Michael Parks as Jean Renault)!!!

Click here, since I copied the web page that it came from and added a midi file (for Microsoft Explorer browsers):

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[The following email and photo from Bob W. is just for fun (and is rated PG - pretty gross):]
"Apparently, the intent or message the photographer is intending to capture in the attached picture is a statement of the decline of the American work ethic in the government sector (a.k.a. highway workers). This can also be witnessed in the picture's title ("notmyjob"). It has been passed on that this picture was taken in none other than Mr. Clinton's home state, Arkansas. A picture is worth a thousand words. (I laughed till I had tears in my eyes when I saw this). Bob"

Here's an odd web site (that mentions Michael Parks):


Here's an example of why I'm hesitant to post to newsgroups (I found this in a Harley newsgroup):

>How the hell do you get the front intake manifold bolts off of a '97
>Sportster???? Somewhere, there is a maniac Harley engineer laughing to
>himself in the dark. What were they thinking? It was hard enough getting
>the rear flange bolts off, but the front ones seem impossible. Tips
>please (and I don't want to hear about a) drilling them out; b) torching
>them; or c) using a vise-grip).
>Start by drilling out the center of the head, torch off the rest of
>the head and twist off the shank, using vise-grips.
>Hugh Jass (__!__)

Here's an ok web site on motorcycles:

Here's a photo of a 1998 Sportster from the Summer issue [Issue #7] of

Ain't it purdy!?

For those of you who missed it, Parade magazine (from the Sunday newspaper, July 19) had an ad from the Franklin Mint, offering precision models of the two motorcycles from Easy Rider (the Captain America and Billy bikes, in 1/10 scale, with helmet and hat, also to scale).They're alot more expensive than the MPC Bronson Motorcycle model was, but it would be nice to have someone do a nice job on the cycle. Here is a scan from the ad:

Also of note, the Franklin Mint has put out a model of the 1936 EL "Knucklehead" (in 1/24 scale). The ad is in the July 25-31 TV Guide.

One thing that would be helpful for those who are customizing their Sportsters into Bronson bikes is to find out what was used. Much of the info is probably lost or forgotten. For example, the MGM press release describes the license plate holder as "British," and doesn't elaborate. Bud Ekins, who did the customizing, owned a Triumph dealership at the time. Perhaps he took the holder off of a Triumph. Here are two close-ups of it. Maybe someone can figure out what it came from:

In the next newsletter... more Sportster photos! Here's a sneak peak:

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