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Had a long talk the other day with Jim from Oklahoma, possibly the world's greatest fan of Michael Parks and information resource of his career. We talked for over 3 and a half hours, and could have gone on longer! Here are some of the highlights from the conversation:
1.) The film (mentioned in a previous newsletter), A Time For Killing, was aired on the Bob Hope Chrysler Theater tv show (NBC), on April 30, 1965. George C. Scott also starred. Parks's character was a submarine commander.
2.) Parks would have gotten the title role in the tv series, Mike Hammer (which went to Stacy Keach), but he had a project (film?) in South Africa. He had finished the work and was back in the U.S., but was called back to Africa, and his work ethic compelled him to decline the Hammer role and go back to finish the project.
3.) Parks was on one of those "Bicentennial Minutes" on tv back in 1976. Jim caught just the last bit of it.
4.) Michael Parks was on a postage stamp! It was from a foreign country, and pictured him as Adam, in the movie The Bible (1966).
5.) After the Time magazine review of the movie, Bus Riley's Back In Town, in the April __, 1965 issue, Parks wrote a letter to the magazine, and it was printed in the May __ issue. First column of article (click here) , second column of article, missing the photo - no doubt the work of some rabid Parks fan (click here) , and Parks's letter (click here).
6.) Parks appeared on various talk shows in the early 70s.
7.) Parks was working on a film in Austin, Texas, in 1999, called "Texas Wake".
8.) Around 1976-77, Parks had finished a record album (never released), called "My Horse Came Back". He mentioned it in an interview in the L.A. Times Calendar section at about the same time, and said he was very pleased with how the recordings sounded.
9.) When TCB was on being aired, Jim wrote to MGM praising the show with such intensity that they invited him to come out to the studios in California. While there, he watched the editors splicing the film into future episodes. Jim said that apparently the location camera men would let the film roll even after the director's call to "cut". He watched those segments of film and unused "takes" end up on the cutting room floor. (Maybe some far-sighted MGM employee and TCB fan gathered these up and took them home, where someday they will surface. Then again, they probably got swept up and tossed.)

I'll let you all know if I find out anything more about the above items.

Jim also mentioned two items worth checking out. There is a book, published in 1997, called Pilgrimage On A Steel Ride, by Gary Paulsen. It is partly a life history, and partly a record of his motorcycle trip from New Mexico to Alaska. I really enjoyed it (got it from the local library), and would recommend it (with some reservation for those who are squeamish or faint of heart - the author has had some gritty experiences in his life). I was amazed at how easily the book reads. I haven't found one like it in years. I limited myself to two or three chapters a night, to make it last longer. And I'll probably read it again before I take it back to the library. Click here for a scan of the book cover: steelride.jpg.

Jim also recommended the true-story film, The Straight Story, by David Lynch (Twin Peaks). It is about a man who, too poor to travel any other way, rides his lawn mower to see his sick brother, who lives out of state. It may sound kind of a wacky movie premise when you first hear it, but the real story is the Bronson-like encounters with people along the way. I think it is presently in art theaters, but may be in video stores soon. (I haven't seen the movie yet.)

I've decided to let go of some of my TCB/MP material, and will post what's up for "bid". I'm going to be moving the site to in the very near future (possibly by February), and it will cost more to have the actual site name hosted. Check the intro page of the site for a link to the items, which will include photos, 8-track tapes, TCB novels and who knows what else.
If you bypassed the intro page on your way into the site, here's a link to it: tcb.htm

Dear TCB fans,
I don't ask a lot of you, but please take a little time now to send another round of emails to the folks at TNT, TBS and Columbia House. This April will be Michael Parks's 60th birthday, and maybe TNT can be persuaded to celebrate it by running the movie and maybe some episodes. Several years ago, after they stopped regularly airing TCB, they aired the episode, "The Runner", to honor Jack Klugman's birthday. Don't forget to mention Parks's upcoming birthday in your emails.
Here are the links for contacting them:





[Here's their site address, with email function:]


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There was a Michael Parks 45 rpm single that I only recently found out about (and it is wrongly listed in a Goldmine record catalog), taken from the Verve album, LOST AND FOUND. Gary, a VERY generous TCB fan, donated his copy to me for the TCB collection. Here are scans of the A and B side labels:

Click here Click here

I compared the songs to the album cuts and found some discrepancies. The single release of "Turn Around Little Mama," which is shorter in length (3:35) than the album release (4:45), is missing the last verse. But it is the same recording, not a different "take".

On a sidelight, the song, partly written by Parks, seems to be a comment on the film industry and his own attempts to do quality work. The verse that the single version ends on, ends with the lines:
"Looking for dignity in film land [is]
like looking in a drugstore for a sage.
As for my future in this business,
it's as sure as the next line on this page."

Rather prophetic, eh! He was gone from Hollywood productions for 3 or 4 years.

The other song on the 45, "I Was Born In Kentucky," is listed as having the same time (3:45) as that of the album version, but I timed it at 3:33, and realized that it is missing the piano & bass intro that the album version has. However, it is the same recording, not a different "take."


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See other sections in this newsletter.


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Anonymous, unless requested otherwise. Also, some emails are in other sections of this newsletter, where appropriate. This email is from the month of December.

4 more excellent color photos from TCB, compliments of Bruce G., who never ceases to amaze me with his collection!

Click here Click here Click here Click here

Of the last photo, he writes:
"Hi Jon,
Check out the bike in the background. Is it what I think it is?

Sure enough, that looks like another TCB bike in the background, possibly the CZ stunt bike used in place of the Sportster in the rougher hillclimb shots in this scene. It's a bit hard to tell whether it is the CZ or a Sportster (there were 3 "Bronson" Sportsters used in the pilot movie). It also shows up in the movie, in the background of the hillclimb shots of Bronson sitting on the Sportster and getting ready for the first run up the hill.
Thanks again, Bruce! You really help make this newsletter worth writing (and reading)!

What a pleasure to see your wonderful page. I stumbled across it the other day. I was beginning to think I was the only person in the world who was still a TCB fan. I was 18 years old and living in the bay area in 1969 when it was being filmed. The movie and show had a huge impact on my life, that continues to this day. I remember vividly riding the Big Sur coast on my motorcycle "pretending" to be Bronson.
One bit of trivia that you might not know, (but I doubt it) is that the TV show TCB was and still is the only TV show in history that only had one (1) charactor that returned for each episode. Every other episode had a completely different group of actors. It is has also been said that the show was not so much about Bronson himself, but rather the people and places he met and went to in his journeys. It was as if he was a blank canvas that a new story was painted on each week. However I was and still am still drawn to the wanderlust and free spirit that "is" Bronson.
I would love to hear back from you and any other TCB fans.
Steven M. Cart

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Hey, Jon,
I was riding my bike today (OK, it's a Honda Shadow) and started thinking of Then Came Bronson. It occurred to me that this would be a great new series once again. Then I came to the realization that without Parks, it just wouldn't be any good.
So I came home and decided to try a search on Then Came Bronson. I was surprised to find only one good link - yours.

As I told you, I picked up a new Sportster October 1st, and have yet to put 1000 miles on it. I picked it up in San Francisco at the Harley shop and did my best to ride it out of town the route that is shown in the Bronson pilot movie. I think I only missed it by one major street, coming out on the Great Highway just one or two blocks down from where he came out to swing down the coast. My wife took photos of the trip from a car as we were going out past what I am sure is where Bronson is seen riding on the beach, with all the seagulls taking flight. I would send these photos, but I have no idea where the freakin' camera is, with the film inside.

Hey Jon,
Hope all is well!! I know its the holiday season and you're probably busy. Just wanted to say Hello.
Just picked up a 2000 Road King (Red of course!!) Getting too old for the Sportster scene!!. Well I figure you are busy, so I'll close here. Hope you can complete the December column soon, the winter stinks but the reading of your column keeps the fires going!
"Hang in there."

Have you thought about a TCB convention that includes motorcyclists? A "non-denominational" (i.e., not favoring a particular brand) event for all those who were M. Parks fans? Maybe right here on the "Big T" (Big Thompson River) in Colorado...with music, etc.--the whole nine yards! There's "..plenty of room", as the song says.

Love your web site! I work in an OR [hospital operating room] and we had a patient whose name was Jim Bronson, the name Michael Parks came to me. Nice to confirm it. Also, could you tell me who composed the theme music and if Bonnie Bedelia played a love interest.

[George Duning composed the instrumental theme. James Hendricks composed the song Long Lonesome Highway, and several other songs used in the episodes. Doubt if Bonnie was with Parks, as he was recently married. - jonpf]

Hi Jon
Just thought I would finally get in touch with you. Just finished reading the December newsletter. I found your site a couple of weeks ago, it's really a lot of fun to visit. I was thirteen when Parks was "going down that long lonesome highway" but my enthusiasm for the show really sparked about 1976 when I stumbled onto his LLH album, thinking, oh yeah, I remember that. I still have it and know all the songs by heart, having sung them over and over again as I have rolled down the highway on my R80RT or my Goldwing.
Just acquired the album "Closing The Gap."
Meanwhile, keep up the good work and add me to your email list, and "Hang in there."
Also I might be interested in riding out west this summer for a little get together with all the other fans.

For all of us fans on the East Coast, is there anything or any way to get something going at "Americade" in Lake George, NY? I wonder if a bunch of fans got together and put a booth or something up???
Every June there is a huge rally (one of the biggest on the East Coast) in Lake George NY. If you go into search and put in "Americade" it should pop up. All the manufacturers and after market people are there! I believe its June 5-10 2000. Check it out. I was there in 92,93,96 and 98 its a blast!!!! Ill try to send you the site if I can get the hang of this computer thing........
Talk to you later,
"Hang in there"

I can't believe I located a web page for "Then Came Bronson"! I thought it was a long shot finding anything when I did a search for the show. This is great!
"Then Came Bronson" is a show my dad worked on. He was the 2nd assistant director on the show, if I remember correctly. I was seven when my dad worked on the show. I do remember him being GONE alot that year. My mom, siblings and I met up with once or twice on location (Arizona I think).
It's terrible finding your web page so late this evening, I can't call my dad up to tell him about it until tomorrow. He's long since retired from show business now, but I know "Then Came Bronson" holds alot of fond memories in his heart. He's going to be very excited to check out your web page. Throughout the years, I remember dad telling different stories of things that happened while working on the show.
My dad was and still is a camera nut. He's got alot of photos from the show he shot. Great candid shots of Michael, the guest stars & the crew. I'm sure after he see's your page, he'd be happy to share them with you for your newsletter, if your interested. I'm going to see him next week for Christmas, so I'll be sure to pull the photo album out from the show and check it out again.
Keep up the good work. It's great to see people still have fond memories of the show, even after thirty years.

[From our fellow TCB fan in northern Italy:]
Oh yea ,
sometimes it happens to take your bike not to arrive somewhere but just to go around.
Sometimes it happens to switch on the engine in your garage just to be sure your neighbours know you are leaving.
Sometimes it happens to get to a village that is not so nice as you like, but, due to the fact you rode there, you may think you are the only one to know it.
Sometimes it happens you are not the only one to think so.
Sometimes it happens you would have words trying to explain what you feel to ones that got there with you.
Sometimes it happens there is no need to do that.
Sometimes it happens that friend following you seems more friend, seems special.
Sometimes it happens he helps you not to think about your brother irremediably far away from you.
Sometimes it happens you write to a bunch of people you just partially know: people who ride a bike like yours or people who rode a bike like yours or people who'll never ride a bike like yours.
Sometimes it happens it's Christmas so you are sending your wishes to ones that already traveled with you and to some of those never did.

Season's greetings from me.


Thanks for putting together a great site. As a child, I enjoyed TCB very much. How can I view an episode? Is it possible to purchase/rent a videotape? I have been trying to view an episode for 20 years.

..just screwin' around on the internet, putting in anything that came to mind and for some unknown reason I entered "Then Came Bronson," a show I watched when I was 8 years old, and BANG...a web site. Who woulda thunk?
Thanks for the memories.
Chase in Phx.

Hey Jon,
Just a quick Hello and Happy New Year !!! Hope the New Year brings all of us much health, happiness and prosperity. Looking foward to a new year of TCB and the making of many new friends. Maybe this will be the year that the show is back on TV and a TCB convention can be put together.


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TCB photo of Bronson on a motorcycle (the original scan seemed kind of dark on my monitor, so I put two versions - original, and lightened):

Click here Click here


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See the above comments in "From My Desk..." for a few film/tv-ography items.

A great tv show that never was! (If it did make it to the line-up, I never heard about it.) This comes from the January 1971 issue of "Inside TV" magazine. If anyone knows anything more about this, let me know.

Click here Click here

Here is a lobby card from the movie, The Idol, starring Michael Parks. Click here


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Another photo of the Bixby Creek Bridge:

Click here

Image of the big rock at Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, where Bronson stops on the beach to watch the waves crash through the hollowed-out rock.

Web page source of the image:

A couple more web sites with Bixby Bridge/Big Sur images:


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Hallmark has come out with what I think is a really classy Harley calendar, with nice landscape backgrounds and late afternoon lighting adding to the images. I found it at a local CVS drugstore that has Hallmark greeting cards. One image is a view of the 12 motorcycles, the other a view of what a particular month looks like.

Have you sent emails to TNT and Columbia House (from my site)? If we can get TNT to show it again, we can all see it again. And if we can get somebody like Columbia House to sell it on video, they might get better copies of it (from master tapes, and no commercials)! Anyway, if you haven't already sent emails to TNT and Columbia House, here are their addresses (for most browsers, just click on them):




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