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The following descriptions and air-dates come from the TV Guide for the Boston, Massachusetts, area, and from Turner Network Television, which now owns the show, with my own additions and corrections in [ ].

All episodes starred Michael Parks as Jim Bronson and were produced by Robert H. Justman and Robert Sabaroff. They aired Wednesday nights, at 10 p.m., on NBC. Opening theme music by George Duning. Executive in charge of Production: Herbert F. Solow. Each episode closed with Michael Parks singing "Long Lonesone Highway" (words and music by James Hendricks). [Music trivia note: the first episode has a strumming version of LLH that was replaced with a finger-picking version in later episodes.]
Some of the episodes were not aired in the order they were filmed. For example, "Mating Dance For Tender Grass" was filmed in Colorado, but aired with the Arizona episodes. And "What's An Ark Without Centaurs" was filmed in Nevada, but aired as the last episode, following the four California episodes, which were filmed last. Eventually, all episode locations and their order of filming will be posted here.

The 26 episodes, in their order of 1st-run airing on NBC:

  1. "THE RUNNER" (Sept. 17) with Jack Klugman, Penny Marshall (episode 1)
  2. "THE OLD MOTORCYCLE FIASCO" (Sept. 24) with Keenan Wynn, Martine Bartlett (episode 2)
  3. "...a famine where abundance lies" (Oct. 1) with Carol Rosen, Charlotte Stewart, Paul Gleason (episode 3)
  4. "THE CIRCLE OF TIME" (Oct. 8) with Elsa Lanchester, Woodrow Chambliss, Dabney Coleman (episode 4)
  5. "WHERE WILL THE TRUMPETS BE?" (Oct. 15) with Fernando Lamas, Jessica Walter, Lane Bradbury (episode 5)
  6. "AMID SPLINTERS OF THE THUNDERBOLT" (Oct. 22) with Bruce Dern and James Doohan (Doohan was Scotty on Star Trek) (episode 6)
  7. "THE 3:13 ARRIVES AT NOON" (Oct. 29) with Gloria Grahame, Larry Gates, Royal Dano (episode 7)
  8. "OLD TIGERS NEVER DIE--THEY JUST RUN AWAY" (Nov. 5) (episode 8)

The Nov.12th time slot was pre-empted by a network special.

    (episode 9)
  2. "TWO PERCENT OF NOTHING" (Nov. 26) (episode 10)
  3. "ALL THE WORLD AND GOD" (Dec. 3) (episode 11)
  4. "A LONG TRIP TO YESTERDAY" (Dec. 10) (episode 12)
  5. "THE SPITBALL KID" (Dec. 17) with Kurt Russell and Don Drysdale (episode 13)
  6. "AGAINST A BLANK COLD WALL" (Dec. 24) with Robert Loggia (episode 14)
  7. "SIBYL" (Dec. 31) with Renne Jarrett (episode 15)

The Jan. 7th time slot was pre-empted by a network special.

  1. "A-PICKIN' AN' A-SINGIN'" (Jan. 14, 1970) with Michael Burns, Jana Taylor
    (episode 16)
  2. "THE GLEAM OF THE EAGLE MIND" (Jan. 21) (episode 17)
  3. "That undiscovered country..." (Jan. 28) (episode 18)
  4. "LUCKY DAY" (Feb. 4) (episode 19)
  5. "MATING DANCE FOR TENDER GRASS" (Feb. 11) with Buffy Sainte-Marie
    (episode 20)
  6. "THE MOUNTAIN" (Feb. 18) with James Whitmore (episode 21)
  7. "STILL WATERS" (Feb. 25) with John Colicos, Veronica Cartwright (episode 22)
  8. "THE FOREST PRIMEVAL" (March 4) with Gary Clarke, Lee DeBroux (episode 23)
  9. "THE NINETY-NINE MILE CIRCLE" (March 11) with David Burns, Paula Victor (episode 24)

The March 18th time slot was pre-empted by a network special.

  1. "THE MARY R" (March 25) (episode 25)
  2. "WHAT'S AN ARK WITHOUT CENTAURS?" (April 1) (episode 26)

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