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CYCLE WORLD, January 1970: "Then Came Bronson" - Television review by Clyde Earl, p. 63

CYCLE, February 1970, Volume XXI, No. 2: Then Came Bronson In-Depth Study; If Michael Parks isn't James Dean, who might he be? - by Sally Wimer, pp. 57-60, 68-70

CYCLE GUIDE, April 1970, Vol. 4, No. 4: Then Came Wilson, Part II - Look Out Bronson, pp. 77-80, 91-92 ("to be continued") [Note: this isn't really about the TV show, just someone doing his own TCB thing.]

MAD MAGAZINE, June 1970, No. 135 (click here)

If you have any information on articles (magazine, newspaper, etc.) on then came BRONSON and/or Michael Parks, please let me know - especially if they are from old motorcycle magazines! I'd really like photocopies of the articles, too, if possible!

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