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According to the information in the Billboard record charts, Michael Parks' first two album recordings were released on vinyl LPs (33 1/3 rpm), vinyl singles (45 rpm), 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, and reel-to-reel tapes, but not the 4-track tape format. The first album was advertised in the TV Guide issue of October xx-xx, 1969, and reviewed in Billboard magazine of ______ 1969. I have never seen any reissues on CD, although one of his songs was recently released on a compilation album (CD) called Golden Throats III.
There are also alternate versions of songs in the movie and the TV episodes. For example, the version of [Poor,] Wayfaring Stranger on Closing The Gap is different from the one in the pilot movie (which is an "a capella" version with costar Bonnie Bedelia). And the version of Long Lonesome Highway on the album and the later episodes of the show (during the closing credits; a finger-picking version) is different from the one in the first episode of the show (a strummed version).

Many of the songs Michael Parks recorded are covers, old standards and spirituals/hymns, but some were written by James Hendricks, who produced and arranged the first three albums, and came out with his own album [MGM SE-4768], with some of the same songs. (James Hendricks was actually on one of the episodes, the one where Bronson teams up with a songwriter to perform in a talent contest at a roadside lounge; the episode was entitled A-Pickin' an' A-Singin').

Closing the Gap (MGM SE-4646) (Click here for details)

Long Lonesome Highway (MGM SE-4662) (Click here for details)

Blue (MGM SE-4717) (Click here for details)

Lost and Found (Verve V6-5079) (Click here for details)

The Best of Michael Parks (MGM SE-4784) (Click here for details)

You Don't Know Me (Click here for details)

Coolin' Soup (Click here for details)

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